Young Gymnasts Caused Own Sexual Abuse by Dressing ‘Provocatively’?

Young Gymnasts Caused Own Sexual Abuse by Dressing ‘Provocatively’? February 13, 2018

I don’t know how many of you have been following the news on Olympic gymnast team doctor Larry Nassar and his many years ongoing serial sexual abuse of the young athletes in his care. I’ve been watching the coverage, with his trial coming not long before the recent start of the Winter Olympics.

It came out that Nassar has molested more than 250 girls. Whew, a huge number! Many victims have come forward and testified in court, leading to Nassar being sentenced to a total of years that could run anywhere from 140 years to 360. A life sentence. Between the state and federal years he will never get out of prison. He shouldn’t as he’s a danger to children.

Pedophiles do not stop, at least until they are caught and put away. I remember a statistic crossing my desk on the number of unreported victims for each sexual predator caught. It was something like 200 unreported incidents to the one that lands the sexual predator in jail. High numbers.

What causes someone to turn to children and young teens for sexual gratification? Even mental health professionals cannot come up with a hard and fast cause.

So into this horrible tragic situation Mr. Know-Nothing from Generations With Vision Kevin Swanson inserts himself. Does Kevin have any education or experience in the field of psychiatry, social work or counseling? Nope. What he has is a bully pulpit that goes out over the cyber air-waves.

Swanson blames what happened on the molested gymnasts themselves. Because of the leotards worn by the victims. More victim-shaming based on a warped sense of modesty. Here’s the disgusting words of Kevin Swanson. Screen cap from the website The Maven:

Disgusting, perverted and inappropriate to the extreme. Newsflash Mr. Swanson, little girls in leotards are not being ‘immodest’. If someone is sexually turned on by the body of a girl in spandex they need professional counseling. It’s not the fault of the girls.

The very scary and sad thing is that many of the commenters on the website posting this, a website that tends towards liberal stances, line up with Swanson and say that women and girls should know better than to tempt predators with skimpy clothing. It’s a scary example of patriarchal thought infiltrating society. No man has any right to touch a woman or child sexually no matter what they are wearing! I thought we were past this nonsense.

This is what we’re up against as women:

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