Donald Trump’s ‘Christian’ Banging of Peeing Hookers?

Donald Trump’s ‘Christian’ Banging of Peeing Hookers? May 28, 2018

Whenever I read pastor Doug Wilson’s site, Blog and Mablog, I vacillate between two differing reactions.  Sometimes I laugh uproariously over his words. But most of the time I slap my head to the desk top and mutter ‘What the eff did I just read?’ In my deepest fantasies I imagine if we had an actual ‘Purge’ celebration, like in those dumb horror movies of the same name, that someone would show up in Moscow, Idaho and cream the snot out of Doug with a hard bound thesaurus.  Today he’s trying to make the case that our president Donald Trump’s ‘Christian’ banging of peeing hookers is somehow Godly and right.

Sorry I used such disrespectful language in the title. These are literally the first words that popped into my shocked mind as Wilson crafted some rather silly defenses of the indefensible.

I don’t know what type of drugs the doctors are giving Wilson for his recent bout of cancer but it sounds like the dosage really needs a serious adjustment if this is what he’s coming up with.

From his site:

No! This is not acceptable behavior from leaders, no matter how white or Republican they are~ The fact that American Evangelicals are supporting this man and attacking Mueller, a life long government official with a reputation for honesty is so wrong on so many different levels. And a pastor is shilling out this nonsense, excusing criminal behavior makes it even more repulsive.

Taking sexual advantage of women and then lying about it is not presidential or Christian no matter how much dumb word salad you couch it in.

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