Worldly People ‘Brain Dirty’ Their Children?

Worldly People ‘Brain Dirty’ Their Children? May 27, 2018

Checking back on the Jill and David Rodriques family I came across this snippet of Jill dissing the parents and children of anyone not being part of their favor of Christian Evangelicalism. Worldly people ‘brain dirty’ their children instead of brain washing. Nope, if there is any cult behavior, brain washing/dirtying, or inappropriate indoctrination of children it’s not members of other faiths and non faith communities doing the brain washing. Public school isn’t even doing that. They don’t have funding and staff enough to constantly impress upon impressionable children cult behavior like Quiverfull Homeschooling loves to do.

Thought about labeling this piece ‘No Brain, No Problem’ since this has been a week of me viewing Evangelicals claiming the dumbest of things that don’t involve thinking skills. Like claiming our president Donald Trump posthumously pardoning Jack Johnson means that Trump is Godly and CANNOT possibly be a racist. Pardoning Johnson is really a no-brainer since the conviction was baseless and this largely meaningless gesture cost the president exactly nothing.

From Jill’s blog:

So what did the saying she loves say?

More furiously dumb martrybating. Things like this is why critical thinking skills are so important. If you are going to homeschool your children and make claims about how much better educated they are than the average public school child at least make sure your child learns how to think, not rotely parrot off memorization you cram down their brain.

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