James Dobson Believes in Showering With Boys?

James Dobson Believes in Showering With Boys? May 26, 2018

Earlier in the week we looked at Focus on the Family’s James Dobson and his description of animal abuse he committed as an illustration on how to treat children. In the course of looking through some of  his stranger ideas there were articles on his showering with boys, and animal abuse in his childhood. What’s up with his belief in showering with boys? James Dobson believes in showing with boys to inoculate them against developing into homosexuals. Twisted.

From the Daily Kos:

I think CPS would have something else to say about grown men showering with little boys and both being nude. This is just weird as hell, not a way to teach your son to be a he-man macho man that Evangelicals whine about.

At the end of his piece about beating Siggy the dog up with a belt Dobson goes on to claim that a mother that picks up her crying baby every single time he whimpers is manipulated. So a baby, who lacks all ability to make his needs known any other way is manipulating mama when he cries?

He does not come right out and order you to let baby cry or to treat the baby like Siggy by beating it with a leather belt, but what other conclusion are we to draw considering this directly follows his bragging about abusing his dog.

Then Dobson follows the Siggy story with this:

Beating a crying child for crying should be listed as one of the legal definitions of insanity. Even children are entitled to their own feelings and emotions, and the expression of them.

Dobson’s beating of his dog, the diminutive Siggy, is not even the first time he exhibited breathtaking cruelty to an animal:

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