Lori Alexander – A Hot Mess of Borrowed Comments and Tattoos

Lori Alexander – A Hot Mess of Borrowed Comments and Tattoos July 28, 2018

A few days ago Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife was still carrying on about the pile of crazy posts she made about good men only wanting uneducated, untattooed, no debt virgins. I swear, Lori can take any little thing and spin a big old hot mess from it. She sure did spin out and verklempt over and over and over on her lone recent viral post.

Now she’s posted comments of what men thought of her post. There’s just one big problem. Most of the comments came not from Lori’s blog, but from the toxic red pill stew that is a blogger by the name of Dalrock. That would not even be a problem if Lori had linked to the blog, or said that the posts came from Dalrock. Instead Lori chose to say just that it came from a male blogger’s post.

Why be so sneaky about the source…. unless you have something to hide.

If you’ve not run across Dalrock before he is a purportedly Christian blogger who is clearly deep into the Manosphere of the CPM – Christian Patriarch Movement. Not exactly someone I’d be touting as a legitimate source.

Why would Lori take comments from another blog? Likely because very few men commented on her pile of posts saying what she wanted them to say. Here’s some of the worst:

I wonder how many of these dude can say they have no debt, are virgins and have no tattoos? I’m thinking almost none.

Moving onto the lies of omission category I have to reiterate what I’ve been shouting on Facebook for the last few days. Lori very likely has a tattoo, at least she does if she underwent Cyberknife, or any other similar treatment for her brain tumors she claims. According to Sloan Kettering and many other research hospitals getting those tiny blue dot tattoos to pinpoint treatment area is essential for effective treatment. Unless perhaps she’s somewhat less than truthful about her medical problems.

I have them, I know a ton of people with the tiny blue dot tattoos from cancer treatment. It only signifies you have a tumor or cancer. But why would someone that likely has that come out so strongly against tattoos? Will never understand the ball of contradictions that is Lori Alexander.

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