Lori Alexander: Going Viral?

Lori Alexander: Going Viral? July 20, 2018

It’s been a wacky week in Lori Alexander Town. Remember last week’s shaming, blaming and just sheerly awful post by Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife about debtless virgins? Lori succeeded in that thing that turns her on tremendously, yet complicates life in her echo chamber of a shut ins life. She went viral with the post with big websites noticing the free-flowing river of fecal-like ideas that is her blog.

Viral, I know it means being popular online, but really viruses of any type are seldom desirable.

The problem of going viral for Lori is that she suddenly has a river of comments she does not agree with on both her Facebook page and the blog. I put up a comment on her post about how everyone not living life like her is living an empty life, suggesting that it is those shut in cultural enforcers that have empty lives, not us living in the real world. I didn’t expect her to approve the comment, but I found it curious when three days had passed and no comments had been approved on any posts. Later Lori posted that she had something like 90,000 comments that her ‘team’ *her and Ken likely* had to wade through on Facebook first before they could even consider the blog comments.

What Lori did do once this went viral was to double down on it, put up another post with the same photograph with all positive comments about the post and none of the negatives. Typical Lori, she is too insecure to allow any dissention or debate.

The sad part of all of this is that many folks disagreeing with Lori accidentally went to a Facebook page that has nothing to do with Lori – Transformed Wife – and started harrassing the page owner thinking she was somehow connected to Lori. She is not. This is the mess that keeps on giving apparently.

But the most surprising part of this entire time is what one of The Transformed WIFE 2.0‘s commenters found, the source of the photo that Lori used in those two posts. It did not come from an free image site, and she did not take someone’s online personal photo. Lori Alexander took a copyrighted photo of an author from Amazon to use on her posts, violating author Michelle Jones copyright.

Updated 10pm: This photo is being used by at least two different authors on Amazon and it turns up on Pixabay and other freebie photo sites. So it looks like Lori didn’t actually ‘steal’ it. Who knows at this point. For bonus giggles one of the ladies using this photo as their author photo write erotica, or porn some might say. A photo being used to illustrate virgins and porn, a very odd juxtaposition.

Screencap of the author Michelle Jones Amazon page.

For a long time I’m Google image searched some of Lori’s more offputting photos in an attempt to find her violating copyright. I’ve never directly caught her, but always thought she was likely using images she had no legal right to use. This can be a really big deal on any blog that generates income. You can be sued for it. Lori sells her book, which makes her blog commercial even if she routinely ignores the 250 word quotation copyright for discussion rules and jacks others photos.

Someone please explain to me how violation of known copyright laws are Godly?

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