Certain Education Fields Wrong For Young Women?

Certain Education Fields Wrong For Young Women? August 4, 2018
Tim Bayly uses the wrong horn as an emblem for his new blog. No war horn, this is what the hunt master blows at a Fox Hunt.

This morning I went into Warhorn Media’s blog Out of Our Minds to see what hateful homophobic pastor Tim Bayly was up to. He’s still carrying on about the Revoice Conference that took place last week. He has not moved on yet like other gay-hating pastors like Doug Wilson have.

What was interesting at the aptly named Out of Our Minds blog was a piece by a woman answering the question ‘What do you do after high school as a Christian girl?’ Unlike Lori Alexander and Debi Pearl this author, Nisha Congrove, thinks that more education is a fine idea, unless it’s on certain subjects. She claims that cerain education fields are wrong for young women. Things like English literature and visual arts?

I’m guessing nursing would also be a no go because you learn about the body and might see naked male parts.

This is pretty short-sided and foolish. I can see not wanting young Christian women to sign up for ‘Macrame Worship of  Satan’ or ‘Basement Abortion Techniques For Fun & Profit’ but English Literature? Drama? How fragile is your faith if it can be stripped away by an English novel or exposure to theater types? Whatever happened to being that light in the darkness people brag about?

If you are planning on being a homeschooling mama would it not be better to have an actual education that will benefit you every single day of your life?

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