Families Are Praying Daily For President Donald Trump?

Families Are Praying Daily For President Donald Trump? August 12, 2018

It’s been a very long time since we’ve taken a look at the words of Colin Campbell. Colin is the husband of Above Rubies Nancy Campbell and runs a ministry with a name that seems more suitable for a gay porn film – Meat For Men. Now he’s insisting that families must come together and pray for our president Donald Trump.

I pray for Trump. I pray he doesn’t get us into a nuclear war and crash the economy. I pray he does not lose his mind and attack some place. It’s hard not to when he’s done so many incredibly bone-headed stunts in his short time in office.

Why I’m quoting Colin is that back during the election both Colin and Nancy were backing a very different horse in this race. Both of them had lots of not so nice things to say about Trump. Here we are roughly 18 months later and both of the Campbells have lined up with everyone else in the world of Evangelical Quiverfull to talk about how Godly a man that routinely cheats on all sorts of things in life and lies like it’s his profession daily. Stormy Daniels and the whole ‘grab them by the kitty-cat’ apparently does not exist in their world. I guess they don’t care his sanctions caused a currency meltdown on Friday.

While it’s likely a good thing if you are the praying type to pray for whoever the President is I know that Colin does not mean the Obamas or the Clintons or anyone else not Republican.

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