The Toxic Women-Hating Blessing of Patriarchy?

The Toxic Women-Hating Blessing of Patriarchy? August 10, 2018

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is at it again. First he’s written about how every single person on the planet needs to come to Jesus and then pump out babies like human pez dispensers. But that’s not the real toxic that caught my eye. It was his denigration of Anna Howard Shaw’s words combined with his insistance that women cannot be scientists, cops or soldiers followed by claiming the blessing of the patriarchy.

Again I’ve taken screen caps of Larry’s latest video and skimmed most of the  cherry-picked scriptures and things he thinks women should not be. He cites education, being a soldier, law enforcement and scientist for special mention that he thinks no woman should be.

Larry does not mention that Anna Howard Shaw was a Methodist minister, the first one in Methodism, or her many years of work helping women, or the fact that she was also a medical doctor. She supported her entire family when she was fifteen by teaching school. An early boss, doing what needed doing without waitin

Nope, it’s all about functioning ovaries and uteruses with Larry Boy, not any other accomplishments.


No, Larry, women aren’t going to return to the ‘blessing’ of Patriarchy as long as the men are such extra Biblical losers who cannot manage to inspire. You know what the weak Larrys of this world want is a house slave chained to the bed post with exactly enough chain to reach the stove. No rights, no thoughts, no options. This is what is really behind all their attempts to take away voting rights, reproductive determination rights, economic rights, to force all women into a groveling female enslavement that will treat them like Gods instead of the substandard variety of male.

Interesting how they all want to treat women the exact 180 degrees way from what Jesus modeled. Jesus actually hung out with and talked to women. He treated them as fully equal as possible in a harsh patriarchal clime.

I am thankful for one thing. Without Larry Boy pointing out Anna Howard Shaw I would have not known how personally powerful and heroic she was. Just downloaded a pile of books on her.

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