The Men Who Surround and Support Lori Alexander

The Men Who Surround and Support Lori Alexander August 26, 2018

Not many snarky words today. In fact, very very few words. I want some of the men who support Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife to take center stage. Lately more and more men are commenting on both her blog and her Facebook page with some of the strongest words. If she’s not teaching men then why do the men feel any need to comment on her words? Going to just upload some not so nice screen caps.

First up is “Attila”, clearly not his read name, but a reference to Attila the Hun, a man described as the scourge of all lands, haughty and a lover of war.

Marriage advice from a guy who is completely single and likely to stay that way if his other comments are anything to go by.

Then we move on to Lori’s most constant commenter and supporter, husband Ken, he who she picked up a fight with immediately after marrying him because he dared eat poisouous Ritz crackers and cheese during their wedding reception.

Ken has been quite busy over at the Lori Alexander 2.0 Facebook page the last few days threatening regular posters with thoughts of hell and damnation. The love of Jesus just oozes off this guy *insert eye roll here*

At least Ken finally learned that written lies are libel, not slander like he usually says. I did confront Ken in that thread, asking him why Trey has threatened me personally several times and why the IP address similarity. Ken does not deign to answer.

While I started putting this together, now on Saturday morn August 25th Ken is still fighting actively with people on that Facebook page.

Sorry Ken, but when you quote actual racists and allow others to post garbage on your site it is silent complicity. Example? Paul Masters and pals who post at Lori’s site and Facebook yet sport confederate flags everywhere, make racist statements and talk about white power. Here is Masters and pals bragging about beating up on Lori’s detractors yesterday:

John MacGregor who is commenting there has a confederate flag as his photo on Facebook and piles of links to racist sites. Again, posting the words of known racists enboldens freaks like this to comment. Just because you know people of color and you haven’t said anything overtly racist yourself does not make you post racial!

And finally we come to Dave, who has been one of Lori’s more constant supporters of her ministry. Oh Dave:

Awful! I have come to the conclusion that starting today we’re only going to look at Lori Alexander perhaps once or twice a week here because a) her harmful theology from a flawed understanding of the Bible is starting to feel oppressive here and b) I’m worried about her mental health because it cannot be healthy for anyone to be grinding their teeth and obsessing over every tiny thing said about them on the interwebs.  Kinder to ignore her at least six days a week and to do a weekly compendium of her more ridiculous statements.

The last few years since Lori Alexander wrote her book have been revealing of one thing. There are some folks that should really not be online telling others what to do. The other reason I’m cutting back on coverage is that none of this is original. Everything she writes is a derivative of someone else. Today’s Facebook notebook photo of Lori’s is just a rewording of Michael Pearl’s words on forcing a shy child to not be shy. Not one original idea that cannot be traced back to anyone else.

So sick of this woman and her harmful words. Quoting her is starting to feel like making fun of the mentally ill, and I would never want to do that.

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