Is Tess Holliday’s Cosmo Cover Celebrating Body Acceptance or Obesity?

Is Tess Holliday’s Cosmo Cover Celebrating Body Acceptance or Obesity? September 7, 2018

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been on a roll. A roll where she’s upset about the UK cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, a magazine I can assure you that she in no way reads. She seems to think that Tess Holliday’s Cosmo cover is not celebrating body acceptance, but that it celebrates sinful obesity.

Here’s what Tess herself said in Cosmo about those that are fat-shaming her cover:

“People who think I’m glorifying obesity are glorifying stupidity,” she wrote.

Here’s where Lori herself went with it:

But it’s not just that simple. People are overweight for a variety of reasons, some genetic, some medical. Just like there are some that are seriously underweight because of mental issues that have evolved into full blown eating disorders. Either extreme is bad!

The Bible calls people to moderation, not obsession on either side. It also talks about not judging the sins of others, about focusing on what you and you alone need to do. But fat is not a sin. Let me state that again – being overweight is not an actual sin, it’s not mentioned in the Bible, it’s not part of the Ten Commandments.

Lori goes on to put the icing on her icky blaming shaming cake by going on to talk about her four friends who use Weight Watchers before making claims about how she has to walk, gasp!, 40 minutes a day and eat no sugar to be thin. She claims it’s all about moving more and eating less. That is true to a certain extent but it’s not the entire picture. It does a serious injustice to anyone who has struggled with health, or genetics.

Someone tried to point this out to Lori on her Facebook page. But Lori just deleted it. I did a screen cap before Lori took it away. This came on a complaint of Lori’s that people had picked on her for years for being too thin, which is just as bad as trying to fat-shame others.

Bravo! It is none of Lori’s business, even if she thinks it is.

I suspect what’s going on here is that Lori is reacting to those skinny-shaming her, but mostly Lori is making an attempt to go viral since her post yesterday about virgins and sex did nothing. Side note: Lori is talking about sex in some great detail and porn usage in her chat room right now.

Why this fat-shaming bothers me greatly is due to an adulthood dealing with my body, being taught by the world to be ashamed of my body, while struggling to maintain a healthy weight in the face of strangers that comment and a lifetime of heavy steroid use to keep breathing. But as tough as all of that has been it’s nothing compared to watching one of my friends here in Costa Rica deal with the number fat-shamers have done to her.

My friend will no longer leave the house. She’s bigger than the model Lori is upset about, and perfectly lovely the way she is. She takes care of her hair, her makeup, dresses beautifully, but is a virtual shut in due to the cruel comments of others. She was going to the grocery store and church. Now it’s only church. That is a tragedy to carry that much self-loathing from the idiocy of others.

Here’s Lori Alexander justifying her words because she was skinny-shamed:

I’m sorry Lori was skinny-shamed. I’m sorry she’s fat-shaming Tess Holliday. How about we just accept and love others exactly where they are without judging if they are committing sins? Work for anyone else?

Also notice that not once did Lori mention men in regard to weight, which is ironic considering there are just as many obese men in the church as women.

Consider this our weekly WTF Lori post.

This last bit is from one of Lori’s regulars and I post it as a reminder of what type of damaging extra-Biblical nonsense that less than perfect people deal with every single day.

….and there were a ton of people chiming in to agree with K.B. Davis and Lori.

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