No Family Leave For Sinful Sluts?

No Family Leave For Sinful Sluts? September 2, 2018

This is our first weekly round up of the free floating banquet of bad ideas by one Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife.  The title will be a mash up of that week’s worst ideas. This week that just happens to be quotes from a white supremist type on why all women are not worthy of marriage these days combined with Lori’s hatred of any program that helps families, like the Family Medical Leave Act. Plus a whole bunch of Lori’s justifications, including one by husband Ken over their awful completely without mercy or forgiveness Jesus.

Better to deal with all things Lori Alexander only once or twice a week. I found myself getting caught up in all the drama and intrigue on her site. Plus I need to correct a statement I’ve said – I thought Ken Alexander and Trey Magnus/Trey Magnusson/TMack were the same guy based on IP address. They aren’t. I suspect they are using the same anonymiser and that’s why I’m seeing similar addressses. This week with Trey’s attempts to find his daughter a mate pretty much put paid to the idea that they are the same guy. Getting caught up in Lori-land is not emotionally healthy for me personally.

On to Lori. Here’s the two posts that gave me pause. First the no help for families –

It’s clear, yet again, this is something that Lori just does not understand. The Family Medical Leave Act is one of the better things done by the U.S. Dept of Labor. It allows you to take 12 weeks of leave for medical problems, for you or someone in your family. WITHOUT jeopardising your job. It recognizes that there must be a life and work balance when someone is ill. How is that a bad thing?

When my daughter was very ill and in the hospital the only way I was able to get a break from the hospital to do things like eat, and care for my other children was because of the FMLA allowing my husband off. It has nothing to do with mothers not being home with their children. Heck, had Ken not been able to get off work when Lori’s mother was dying and they wanted to be there it would have helped Ken make it possible to have off.

It’s not government-subsidized anything.

The people qualifying for subsidized daycare are folks that cannot work any other way, people getting off welfare, etc. So would Lori and Ken rather pay for the SNAP program, WIC and Aid to Dependent Children instead of a smaller subsidy going towards helping people be self-sufficent?

And now we move on to Lori quoting another macho man

The first paragraph is Lori’s, the second one is a quote from another blog.

There is no reason why that woman that loves taking care of her husband and children, keeps the house clean and cooks homemade could not also be a feminist, or even work. This is Lori’s own personal kink, basing all of her theology on perhaps 6 or 7 badly understood verses.

What makes this loathesome is who she quoted, Victor Pride of Bold & Determined. Red pilling Victor with all his links to rather unsavory others, his cussing (ironic on a week when Lori put down another Christian woman for admitting she sometimes curses) and macho you-know-what. Lori did have a disclaimer saying she could not link directly to him because she does not totally agree with him. I call codswallop on that!

Lori picking through the blog of someone who comes across as hateful is like claiming you’re a vegan because Adolph Hitler was a vegan, but you do not support Hitler’s views. Yes,  I know I just violated Godwin’s Law, and it’s an extreme example. But I think this awfulness requires an even more awful analogy.

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