Make No Financial Provisions For Anything?

Make No Financial Provisions For Anything? September 1, 2018

This is merely one in the long series of reader stories Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies has been posting lately. Most of the stories involved trusting God for family size and praying to buy a 15 seat passenger van. One lady wrote in about having to trust God that He would stop her migraines so she could have babies. But this one is one of the worst in my eyes. They make zero financial provisions for anything.

I know times are tough, wages stagnant and prices rising, but trusting God by cancelling your health insurance is too much like gambling. How is it any different than playing the roulette wheel in Vegas, or losing everything in a poker game? It isn’t. Things went terribly wrong for this family and the only thing they took away is that others will give to them and companies write off their bills. Please, please, do not live like this! At least attempt some financial responsibility, keep insurance, or don’t be surprised when a horrible catastrophic event ruins your life.

This is a tragedy on so many levels. The death of a child, no way to pay for what’s needed.But here’s why I think Nancy Campbell is doing a grave disservice publishing this story. Looking at the photos of the poor family this all happened to it’s obvious this was many years ago, twenty or so. Our economy has changed so much since then. There was a time when you could take six months to pay off a hospital bill, or even work full time and go to college. This is not true today.

Today something of this magnitude would easily bury the family with a hundred thousand in debt. Almost certainly this would push a family into bankruptcy. To encourage this no saving, no insurance type of thinking is madness that just sets up people for horrifying outcomes.

Quiverfull tosses all common sense out of the window and orders you to trust God to buy you a van, pay your medical bills, feed your kids, and a myriad of other things.

Can anyone explain to me what Nancy Campbell and pals hold against insurance? Seems insane to me.

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