Only ‘Free White People’ Should be U.S. Citizens?

Only ‘Free White People’ Should be U.S. Citizens? September 21, 2018

It’s a day ending with ‘day’ so it’s another opportunity for Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles to be disgusting and vile in some way. He has recently published a long meandering screed on how the polls showing that Christianity is experiencing membership losses are wrong. How does he do that? Lots of babbling about  black evangelicals, white evangelicals, the Quiverfull leanings of some evangelicals, by bringing up Billy Graham’s flipflopping on race, and finally we end up here. His claims that our ancestors screwed up by a) not deporting the freed slaves back to Africa, and b) by changing the laws that state only free white men could be citizens. He does not touch on the disturbing voting laws that stated only white property owners could vote.

Larry, please do not give up your day job to be a writer. I’ve seen less twists, turns and pointless rabbit trails from a drunk contractor following a snake through the woods. I’ve seen straighter games of “Twister” He’s giving Maestro Word Salad Doug Wilson a run for the stupid money with this post titled “Exposing the Myth That White Christian America is Dying” It’s not a myth if reputable polling organizations have the data.

Also, yes,  Billy Graham was initially opposed to civil rights, but Billy, unlike the men of Evangelicalism of today, was fully capable of seeing the data and making an enlightened and informed decision to CHANGE HIS THINKING! Imagine that, seeing a differing opinion bolstered by facts and adjusting his views. Would never happen today with this brainless crew.

Here’s a little peek at Larry’s assertions on race:

No, Larry, you’re just a racist creep who thinks that the poor white men have been somehow descriminated against no matter how many years they’ve been on top of the heap.

This is using the Bible to justify racism. I’m pretty sure his Jesus would not be cool with that!

Seeing Larry’s writing ‘Free white persons’ makes the jokey side of me want to say, “Free White persons?? Where?? Where can I get some?” Such a strange verbiage by Larry.

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