Be a Sarah or an Edith – Blaming Women For Everything?

Be a Sarah or an Edith – Blaming Women For Everything? November 14, 2018

I try not to quote Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife too often. Because it feeds her martyrbating complex and brings attention to someone that would do anything for attention. But when she’s on a rant or bend that is so contrary to what the words of Jesus are, or on extra Biblical it’s hard not to. Lori is perhaps the most poisonous of the Quiverfull female cultural enforcers for a number of reasons. Which is why we cover her so much. She posted the other day how horrible the wives of two Biblical patriaches are. Abraham’s wife Sarah, and Lot’s wife Edith. Okay, so the Bible does not name Lot’s wife, but one of the names Jewish tradition puts to her is ‘Edith’ so we’re going with that.

Lori claims that Sarah manipulated Abraham into impregnating her servant. Remind me again in the Bible where Abraham put up a fight, or even resisted her just a little? You can’t. The scripture says he agreed. No manipulation there. Manipulation would involve trickery, or endless whining, something of that nature. It’s not asking and having someone say ‘yes’ willingly. Lori’s extra Biblical again.

Actually, when Abraham came in asking for food Sarah was able to hear that he had guests and would not have been surprised if he came requesting food. She clearly heard them well from the same spot moments later when the Lord said she would have a child. She laughed.

Plus, how many times in marriage does a man (or a woman) come and ask for something without being polite about it? I would say it’s likely to happen a lot. The daily intimacy of marriage means that we’re not always the most polite in our day to day interactions with our spouses. This does not read like some big submission issue no matter how Lori gift wraps it.

Lori is assuming and extrapolating yet again. There is almost no mention of Lot’s wife in Genesis 19 beyond the angels pulling her by the hands out of the house and looking back. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LORI!!!! Nothing to indicate she was rebellious or not. As  scientist might say ‘Incomplete data set!’

There is nothing to indicate that she didn’t make or help make the bread. It is not mentioned, but we cannot assume that Lot was in there baking bread either from the scanty words in Genesis 19.

This is one of the biggest sins of Lori Alexander. Take a Bible verse with few words to indicate the details of the action and spin a whole tale talking poorly about the women involved. Other women believe her fabrications!

Does it actually matter who did and did not bake the bread? Of course not, everyone was fed and that’s all that really matters.

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