Education is ‘Wasted’ on Women?

Education is ‘Wasted’ on Women? February 19, 2019
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This is from a particularly evil piece by Lori Alexander at her blog The Transformed Wife titled ‘Silly Women Laden With Sins’ She’s written throwing literary rocks at other women, particularly working women, women teachers of the word of God and educated women, claiming that education of women is wasted education.

Lori’s education was completely wasted. Four years in college training to be an elementary school teacher. Yet she frequently makes mistakes like using ‘Doing good’ for ‘Doing well.’ I bet her father is so happy he spent all that money on her education for her to teach only for a few scant years.

If you have noticed lately I’ve not been using many posts from Lori’s blog. Why? Because it’s her Facebook page and super secret chatroom where the majority of the most toxic stuff is bandied about. Take a look at this –

Too many men without work? Where? Unemployment rates are at a historic low right now, thanks to our president giving industry tax breaks. Low unemployment rates are a good thing.

The idea that women are somehow stealing all the ‘good’ jobs from men is one that Lori keeps promoting. She says this without a shred of legitimate evidence beyond a few of these ‘manly men’ whining about it in blogs and in comments.

As hateful and despicable as Lori’s chatroom is today is a rare day. A day when what she’s posted on her blog matches the hate levels and less than truthful statements in her chatroom.

This is typical of everything Lori because she herself is not woman enough to actually say the most toxic and blaming things. Oh no, what Lori does is quote some man. The first paragraph, the most toxic, shaming and blaming, are the words of Bob Wallace, not Lori Alexander.

Lori does this in a very calculated manner. Just so she can deny that she ever said those things. “Who me? No, not meeeeeeeeeeeee! Someone else said those things I just nodded my head.” Which, of course, is exactly what the prison guards at Dachau said after World War II. It does not resolve you of responsibility if you agree with the awful statements of others. It just indicates that this is something you would have said had you not been inhibited in some fashion!

Women have invented scads of things. We’ve covered this before here. Some many women have invented a wide variety of things, so many that there is now a website highlighting women inventors. Saying that women do not invent anything is about as valid as claiming you didn’t say it.

There is so much incredibly wrong with the statement that Lori chose to share, too many falsehoods to be able to break them apart here. I invite you to do so in the comments. But the one that makes my blood boil the hardest is his claims about women earning worthless degrees, seeming to indicate that any education is wasted on women, and following that, women working in ‘make-work’ jobs.

I think back on my years in social work, clearly not a ‘make-work’ job, and know that I had an effect on this world for the better. No rich, white, entitled, shut in cultural enforcer will ever convince me otherwise. If my career was ‘make-work’ it was the evil behaviors of others that made my work.

Thinking back on the many wonderful mentors I had in my career and women I looked up to and admired in my working years makes me want to cry with frustration over these nasty words. It’s incredibly demeaning in all ways. And Lori approves.

For all those that say Lori Alexander is nice, gentle and Christian I suggest that her approval of bad ideas, mean words and hate imply she is not. Hate loves hate.

And by the way, that nice man she was telling she agreed with had this to say about slavery. He’s known to say racist things along with other awful things.

If you lay down with dogs you are bound to get fleas.

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