Kamala Harris is an Agent of the Devil Bringing Demonic Free Healthcare?

Kamala Harris is an Agent of the Devil Bringing Demonic Free Healthcare? February 9, 2019

There are days when I wonder if either myself or whoever I’m writing about are viewing things through a fun house mirror. One of us must be because I am simply not seeing the same things they are. Example Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog is speaking about presidential candidate Kamala Harris. I too viewed her Town Hall interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, and I’m not seeing at all what Doug here thinks he saw.

I came into Doug’s blog to see if he had bothered to bloviate about the situation with Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s yearbook photos of a KKK costume and black face. I was curious as to Doug’s views after he excused the MAGA-hatted dude-bros of Covington Catholic School’s behavior. Not a word of course. Just like no one has once said where were the chaperones or year book faculty advisors. You’d think Doug would be baying for blood for Northam considering Doug hates the idea of Democrats in the first place.

What he was speaking of was Kamala Harris. Let me just state it’s way too early for anyone to make an informed choice in this election. I watched to see what she was about, like I have with others who have come forward. I am concerned with reform of our criminal justice system along with a long laundry list of other concerns. I am neither for or against her at this point.

Oh, not Doug! He’s OUTRAGED that she said that universal healthcare, not free healthcare like Doug is claiming, was needed. He’s also claiming she said she would give everyone free college. Oddly I don’t remember that. I must have been in the bathroom, or it didn’t happen.

Here’s where it gets amusing with Doug Wilson. This simple candidacy announcement has flipped him into pure full government conspiracy rants complete with claiming that all government is a socialist stew that hates God.  No wonder the FBI showed up~

Read it and do whatever it is you do when confronted with a pile of nonsensical ravings:

And this is his reaction to a woman announcing that she’s running? I don’t remember anyone on the left having this type of temper tantrum when our president announced. Unhappy complaining, yes, demented word salad, no.

So does Doug’s ravings about guns mean that we can start charging him and his buddies for the devastation wreaked in gun violence deaths? I am guessing Doug is also against law enforcement, roads, bridges, school crossings, sidewalks, fire departments and all the other wonderful beneficial things funded by our taxes.

Since when is everyone having enough to eat, healthcare and education such a bad thing? It can only lead to a better nation filled with happy, health and educated people.

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