Lori Alexander is Anti Vaccination Because Not Natural?

Lori Alexander is Anti Vaccination Because Not Natural? February 15, 2019

Two slabs of butter do not a vitamin make. Image a screenshot from Youtube and memed at Imgflip

It seems right in the midst of our nation and others being gripped by a deadly measles epidemic is when Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife comes out as anti vax. No understanding of herd immunity, no understanding that measles are a real deadly illness that killed a number of children before the 1960s, nothing. Her only real objection is that vaccinations are ‘not natural’.

You know what else is not natural? All that canned salmon she keeps plopping down on those big salads of hers that Lori loves to photograph for her Instagram feed. Go out and hand-catch your salmon, scale it, cook it and then we’ll talk about ‘natural.’

The reason that Lori keeps mentioning breastfeeding is because there was an article published in the American Academy of Pediatrics claiming that doctors need to stop saying breastfeeding is ‘natural.’ Why? Because of all the mothers that make all natural their idols, like not vaccinating their children, using only essential oils as medicine and forgoing any sort of medical treatments for their children. Kids are dying because an undereducated populace has taken to getting medical advice from those completely unqualified.

That includes Lori herself. She has promoted the dangerous woo that is black salve. Banned in most places, causing scarring and damage worse than whatever the original illness is.

She also has promoted the ideas by one dangerous physician that have been soundly debunked. Things like high fevers not being dangerous, or using any sort of pain reliever like Tylenol or Motrin to make a child more comfortable.

This all spells bad news for Lori because Facebook and other media platforms are starting to crack down on anti vaxxers and people who promote dangerous health advice. We are seeing more people being sued for giving out medical advice without a license.

Yes, doctors DO practice medicine, and they all do not hold all of the answers. Most of them try something else when one diagnosis does not work. But many of the physicians I know, and know of, are trained to keep on top of their specialty. Information changes all the time and a good doctor will stay up on the latest in their fields.

I remember seeing a pregnancy and postpartum pamphlet my mother was given during her pregnancy with me that stated that smoking while pregnant was completely harmless. It went on to say that smoking helped mothers regain their figures after birth and that smoking around the baby was not harmful. Which we all know is very wrong now. The dangers of second hand smoke to children are well publicized.

It’s been debunked many times now that any modern vaccinations contain baby parts. It’s not true. It’s another lie invented by the anti vax movement. No harmful chemicals, no aborted baby parts.

I wonder if Lori is afraid to immerse herself in dihydrogen monoxide? The chemical name for water. Chemicals are everywhere. Everything in the world, natural or unnatural, is composed of chemicals. Paging Miss Mel as as I know you must have a lot to say on this subject.

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