Lori Alexander is Anti Vaccination Because Not Natural?

Lori Alexander is Anti Vaccination Because Not Natural? February 15, 2019
Two slabs of butter do not a vitamin make. Image a screenshot from Youtube and memed at Imgflip

It seems right in the midst of our nation and others being gripped by a deadly measles epidemic is when Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife comes out as anti vax. No understanding of herd immunity, no understanding that measles are a real deadly illness that killed a number of children before the 1960s, nothing. Her only real objection is that vaccinations are ‘not natural’.

You know what else is not natural? All that canned salmon she keeps plopping down on those big salads of hers that Lori loves to photograph for her Instagram feed. Go out and hand-catch your salmon, scale it, cook it and then we’ll talk about ‘natural.’

The reason that Lori keeps mentioning breastfeeding is because there was an article published in the American Academy of Pediatrics claiming that doctors need to stop saying breastfeeding is ‘natural.’ Why? Because of all the mothers that make all natural their idols, like not vaccinating their children, using only essential oils as medicine and forgoing any sort of medical treatments for their children. Kids are dying because an undereducated populace has taken to getting medical advice from those completely unqualified.

That includes Lori herself. She has promoted the dangerous woo that is black salve. Banned in most places, causing scarring and damage worse than whatever the original illness is.

She also has promoted the ideas by one dangerous physician that have been soundly debunked. Things like high fevers not being dangerous, or using any sort of pain reliever like Tylenol or Motrin to make a child more comfortable.

This all spells bad news for Lori because Facebook and other media platforms are starting to crack down on anti vaxxers and people who promote dangerous health advice. We are seeing more people being sued for giving out medical advice without a license.

Yes, doctors DO practice medicine, and they all do not hold all of the answers. Most of them try something else when one diagnosis does not work. But many of the physicians I know, and know of, are trained to keep on top of their specialty. Information changes all the time and a good doctor will stay up on the latest in their fields.

I remember seeing a pregnancy and postpartum pamphlet my mother was given during her pregnancy with me that stated that smoking while pregnant was completely harmless. It went on to say that smoking helped mothers regain their figures after birth and that smoking around the baby was not harmful. Which we all know is very wrong now. The dangers of second hand smoke to children are well publicized.

It’s been debunked many times now that any modern vaccinations contain baby parts. It’s not true. It’s another lie invented by the anti vax movement. No harmful chemicals, no aborted baby parts.

I wonder if Lori is afraid to immerse herself in dihydrogen monoxide? The chemical name for water. Chemicals are everywhere. Everything in the world, natural or unnatural, is composed of chemicals. Paging Miss Mel as as I know you must have a lot to say on this subject.

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Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 32 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Geoff Benson

    “They are created in laboratories by men” she says, referring to vaccines.

    By men! Surely that makes them okay then? Obviously if they were created by women then, well, that’d be different.

  • Jennny

    Yup, I spotted that. wasn’t it Lori (may have been Nancy/Debi, they’re interchangeable to me) who said we should consult male doctors so wimin ones could go home and have babies instead?

  • Kit Hadley-Day

    Anti science rhetoric is a leading cause of death, ironically to prove me wrong these quacks would have to embrace the scientific method, which they can’t as it would prove a bunch of their hokum to be bollocks. i do loves horns on my dilemmas

  • Anri

    No-one ever tell Lori that the internet isn’t natural.

    …no, wait, everyone tell her that!

  • Tawreos

    What use would an aborted fetus have in the studying and making of vaccines? It would be nice if christians would try to be honest at all times like their beloved ten commandments tells them to be.

  • Zeldacat

    Vaccines aren’t natural – they’re a vast improvement on nature! Dead children, that’s what’s natural. Screw that.

  • SAO

    Unless she gets her water from a well, it is chemically treated. But if you look at life before modern medicine, when medicine was much more ‘natural’, you see that high rates of death are also natural. Around 50% of kids died before their 5th birthday. Women routinely died ”naturally” in childbirth.

  • Mark in Ohio

    Somewhere I saw a posting that contained a listing of a bunch of scary sounding chemicals that are all toxic in too high a concentration. It also then mentioned that they are naturally found in human blood, and ended with a caution about people trying to scare you with deceptive chemistry and big words. I should have saved a copy of it off somewhere.

  • James

    That list is available at Wikipedia.


    Wingnuts who think “my ignorance is as good as your science” are going to kill us all.

  • James

    Not all public water supplies are treated. My town’s is not (I can speak to this as the public water system operator here). Many rural towns do not treat water supplies; they are only required to test them for dangerous pathogens or chemicals listed by the EPA.

  • Friend

    Stop the presses! Lori is wearing glasses in her photo! Those are NOT natural! They are made by men. They distort the vision that the Lord Almighty gave her.

    Hey, I bet her house has running water and toilets too. Unnatural, unnatural, made by men.

  • Friend

    I forget details, but this probably has something to do with a limited number of stem cell lines that have been studied for many years. For certain fundies, it’s easy to take that bit of “knowledge” and tell people that baby parts are used in vaccines, food production, etc.

  • Nea

    Everyone should be able to come to their own conclusion, but vaccines are totally fake and full of chemicals and if that doesn’t scare you enough they’re made of ground-up aborted babies. But everyone is allowed to come to their own conclusions!

    Are her kids vaxxed? And if she hates doctors so much, how come she turned to them to save her life?

  • Nea

    Bet she also used deodorant and soap. Don’t you know that deodorant was made in a lab by men? And that soap is made of LYE, which is so corrosive it’s used to dissolve bodies? Do you want to smear something used to dissolve corpses on your living skin?

  • Nea

    I understand the facts behind the story to go something like this: An adult can weather rubella fairly well, but it is horrifically damaging to a developing zygote/embryo/fetus. Therefore, the rubella vaccine was developed from study (and maybe also blood chemicals?) of embryos/fetuses that died in utero and miscarried – aka a spontaneous abortion, that’s the actual medical terminology – because their mother had rubella.

    So no children died for the vaccine – the exact opposite, more like – but the anti-vaxxers have mutated the story into “the MMR is made up of ground-up babies who were deliberately killed in the womb!”

  • Nea

    You’re supposed to have the faith of a little child in the unseen, don’tchaknow.

  • Raging Bee

    I LOVE it when idiots like this use computers to type words to tell everyone, via the Internet, how evil “unnatural” things are.

    And it’s even sillier when they use their computers to blither about how certain sexual acts are “unnatural.” Seriously? Sex is as natural as it gets, and the Internet is about as unnatural as it gets.

  • James

    Don’t know about her kids, but the overwhelming majority of adults are vaccinated. That helped them live long enough to kill their children.

  • Mark in Ohio

    I found the original I was looking for – I did save a copy, just didn’t look in the right place for it. Here’s the summary post I was talking about:

  • pinkie

    I suppose dying of measles is perfectly natural and ok? Way to let children die to prove a point about your quack remedies, Lori.

  • AFo

    Many doctors are starting to take a harder stance against this as well. My coworker has a toddler, and when her pediatrician retired, a few of the new ones she vetted came right out and said that if she wanted to bring her child to this practice, they would be vaccinating on schedule, no exceptions. Some states are looking at doing away with religious or philosophical exemptions. Teenagers who were raised in antivax households and told that vaccines were poison are actually doing the research on their own and choosing to get vaccinated. Hopefully this means that the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way, and we won’t be seeing such bad measles and whooping cough outbreaks in the next few years.

  • lady_black

    Does she drink hydrogen monoxide?

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Actually, I was only concerned about cooties, until I found out they were 100% natural.

  • frostysnowman

    No, there’s not a lot of speculation that aborted fetuses are used for vaccine research. She’s ghoulish and disgusting.

  • frostysnowman

    It looks like she colors her hair, too. She should let it go gray naturally.

  • Mel

    It did/does happen (the tense thing will make sense in a minute). As Nea remembered, the rubella vaccine is made from weakened or killed rubella viruses – which means we do need to grow rubella viruses. The fibroblast cultures that we use to do so come from pooled human fibroblasts that include some fibroblast tissues from aborted fetuses in the 1960’s. Most human cell culture lines crap out after a certain number of divisions; the two exceptions I know of are some stem cells and…fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are kinda terrifying as a cell culture across the board; they are so bomb-proof that they can survive moving from one vial to another in a liquid nitrogen freezer which means they can “infect” other cell lines.

    In terms of morality, I think we can agree that the Catholic Church takes a hard line against abortion. Even with that, the Vatican has stated repeatedly that Catholics are expected to give their children the MMR vaccine in spite of the fact that aborted tissue was used in the creation of the vaccine. Letting children suffer and die because of rubella simply because the vaccine was created using aborted tissues from decades ago would be a sin.

  • FQB

    The thing that really gets me is the sentiment of “this chemical sounds like/is similar to that nasty chemical, ergo it is also dangerous and the evil industries are trying to pull the wool over our eyes!!!” Lack of basic chemistry understanding means people don’t appreciate the difference one molecule can make to reactivity or bioactivity (methanol vs ethanol, for example).

    Also, chemical nomenclature is pretty straightforward. Took me all of two weeks in high school chemistry to get the hang of it well enough to read the back of a shampoo bottle.

  • Mimc

    I thought it was because the chicken pox vaccine was made using a embronic stem cell line. But it was made from a discarded embro from a fertility clinic not from an abortion.

  • Mimc

    Do you mean dihydrogen monoxide? I wouldn’t recommend drinking hydrogen monoxide.

  • lady_black

    Yes. Dihydrogen monoxide.
    The point is that everything is made of chemicals. That’s the nature of the universe and all life.
    That’s why I laugh when I hear people prattling about putting “chemicals” in their bodies, and see ads for scams like “Ionized water.” LOL.

  • Friend

    Well, there is, but it’s pretty much confined to the wingnutosphere.

  • Friend

    Thank you for the explanation!

  • smrnda

    It’s true that the medical field isn’t 100% on everything. After all, we can successfully treat some health problems far better than others. So maybe let’s check the track record. Vaccines stack up pretty well, and when people don’t vaccinate, we get a bunch of cases that spread drastically.

    And the whole ‘natural’ thing is silly.

  • Mel

    Partially right.

    There are five vaccines in use that are grown in fetal fibroblast cultures – Hep A, MMR, chickenpox, one of the shingles vaccines and one rabies vaccine formulation.

    The fetal fibroblast cultures were obtained from the fetal remains of two abortions in the 1960’s without any addition of new remains; the cell lines have continued to reproduce so far beyond the usual 50 divisions or so of most human cell lines that they will probably reproduce forever like cancer cell lines do.

    The Catholic Church – which I bring up since they are known for a hard-line stance against abortion – tells Catholics to get the MMR, HepA and chickenpox vaccines regardless of involvement of fetal tissues because the vaccines are not promoting creation of new aborted fetal cell lines AND the diseases have real dangerous side-effects. For the rabies vaccine, Catholics may request the non-fetal cell line one – but if it is not available or not available within a time without risking a rabies infection or Catholics just plain don’t know about it, using the fetal cell rabies vaccine is licit due to the reasons above. Ditto for the shingles vaccine.

  • Mel

    I would argue the speculation is based on a very weak understanding of science. There’s a large difference for most people who identify as pro-life between an activity that actively promotes creating new cell lines from aborted fetuses and an activity that uses the cell lines from two abortions that happened nearly 80 years ago.

    Fetal cell lines created 80 years ago are used to create and manufacture 5 vaccines. The fact that the same cell lines have been in use for 80 years to create those vaccines is a pretty solid evidence that the vaccines are not promoting the creation of new fetal cell lines; it’s a lot of bother and potentially explosive for an institution if pro-lifers hear about it – so why bother?

  • bekabot

    there’s a lot of speculation that aborted babies are used to study and make them

    In days gone by, mutterings of this kind weren’t called ‘speculation’, they were called ‘malicious gossip’ and ‘old wives’ tales’.

  • bekabot

    The fact that most adults have been vaccinated and that most kids still get vaccinated is going to help save Lori’s kids in the event of an outbreak, supposing Lori’s kids never got poked with the needle. Why? Well, because the adults who have been vaccinated and the kids who still get vaccinated will be resistant to the disease-du-jour (fill in the blank) and will therefore be less likely to pass it on to Lori’s kids, who (since they’ve never been vaccinated) have no other safeguard. Notice that in this case the safety of Lori’s kids depends directly on the willingness of the adults who live in her neighborhood to do things she disapproves of and castigates as ungodly and admonishes them not to do. Reflect that this is probably not an isolated case, and that the quality of Lori’s life is most likely upheld by people and activities and processes she regards as unholy, and that she responds by cheerfully damning them all. Ask yourself whether or not this is a woman you want put in charge of anything outside her own household (I’ll wait) and be honest with yourself if you can. Feel free to keep your answer shtum, but don’t shut it out of your brain, and let it lead you into a state of mind in which it’s possible to admit the possibility that people may have reasons for wanting to live which have nothing to do with killing their kids. Thanks for your time: I guarantee it will be well spent.

  • bekabot

    Many rural towns do not treat water supplies; they are only required to test them for dangerous pathogens or chemicals listed by the EPA.

    Yep, and since the testing is done with dowsing rods and dreamcatchers, we know it’s all-natural and jinx-and-hex-free.

    (Not city-slicker snark; I live in the boonies myself.)

  • Saraquill

    Procedures like surgery and radiation therapy are yucky, and too many people rely on them. Good thing Lori eschews such things. Oh wait…

  • Jonathan Hardin

    The DEA pushed passage of the “Analog Act” in ’86 that basically covers any drug produced that induced effects similar to other drugs on the controlled substances list. Basically, it’s there so they don’t have to pass a separate new piece of legislation for each new compound that’s made. However….. That’s about the only place a ‘well it’s similar to’ statement might be useful.

  • Jennifer

    One of the best and most important articles.

  • GeckoShamelessRaceMixer

    Vaccines aren’t natural. But neither are most antibiotics, ventilators, chemotherapy drugs, blood transfusions, surgical procedures, joint replacements, heart stints, etc. If you want to go back to a natural life, go spend a few months in a war torn, environmentally devastated third world country where what little existed of modern medicine has collapsed. You won’t see a lot of quiver full families despite the lack of birth control, because too many babies die during or shortly after birth, and many women (and young girls) die in the process. Lots more die before adulthood from simple infections or easily operable crises like appendicitis.

    I’ll keep my unnatural medicine, personally.