Working Women Plot of the Devil?

Working Women Plot of the Devil? February 16, 2019

I admit I always find it funny when people like Colin Campbell, Nancy Campbell’s husband and writer for Meat For Men, decide that a president or politician are Godly. Watching them play moral limbo to justify some squishy sticky not so Christian thing is downright hilarious!

This has really been taken to an all time extreme by the appearance of an outlier president, Donald Trump. Trump breaks all of the stated rules of Evangelicalism, multiple divorces and children, rumored abortions requested, cheating on all of his wives, likely forced sex with a porn star, possible perjury, possible violations of our government laws or even the rumors of his sexual antics in Russia.

They’re not bothered by the serious issues either.  No concern for global warning, the environment, the government shut down, or the kids in cages by the thousands because of our immigration policies. So what if our citizens do not have access to healthcare?  As long as a brown child is locked up. One thing matters to the evangelical crowd – did Trump say he is a Christian?

Donald Trump exhibits scant evidence that he believes in anything beyond the color of money and his own ego, but the evangelical crowd believes it. Prominent leaders like Franklin Graham, Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell Jr. embrace Trump like  he’s God’s personal gift to them instead of an incompetent orange bloated dumb-dumb in love with himself. It is mind boggling. Hamberders and covfefe for everyone!

It was surprising to see Colin Campbell go from licking the hindquarters of President Trump to bemoaning Trump’s words about how many American women were working outside of the home now.

Communists?!?! *GASP!* Are there any nations left on earth, besides Cuba that is, that are actively communist? That red under the bed that Colin is seeing must just be Nancy’s head of hair. There are only five nations still communist and none of them represent a real threat to the American way of life. Besides Cuba there’s China, Vietnam, North Korea and Laos. The only one that is an economic powerhouse and super power is China and I’m not sure how much longer they will remain communists. The Chinese seem to have fallen deeply in love with the almighty dollar.

What will Colin and Nancy fear as communism dies away like the quaint antique it is? I think it’s likely to be working women, a battle they have already lost that is not even Biblical.

Now Colin Campbell just pulled most of this out of thin air. The Bible does not state anywhere that all mothers must stay home. No, women do not take jobs from men. Most of the jobs staffed by females aren’t necessarily the most highly paid ones. We women get stuck doing more grunt work, thankless tasks , and other jobs not held by men. Now, that is changing and it’s about time, but every woman not stealing a job or bread out of the mouth of men. It’s absurd to even think that.

Colin rattles on about socialism, never realizing it is already here in the form of roads, bridges, law enforcement, schools and many more publicly funded benefits for all of us.

Women work outside of the home for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with communism, socialism, or any type of unGodly plot. It’s 2019, Colin!

There are many reasons to be unhappy with our president, but this is not one of them. I wonder what Colin thinks of Trump’s decision yesterday to declare a state of emergency just to get his useless wall built?

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