Lori Alexander Really Hates All Women

Lori Alexander Really Hates All Women February 22, 2019
Screencap from YouTube video and memed by Imgflip

This has been quite the week in Lori Alexander’s world and on her blog The Transformed Wife. She’s quoted a known white supremacist that is well known in her quest to denigrate all women. There is no depth that Lori will not stoop to in her war on all women.

Today she’s quoting the Bible, pulling out clobber verses. All of these verses have one thing in common – they name women as the lowest of scum, capable of any and every deceit, destroyers of society. Unbelievable  hurtful and hateful, makes me despair for our world when I run across women like this.

She starts off this way, claiming she stumbled over these verses during her morning Bible reading time. Unlikely, she likely searches the Bible for all of the verses describing women in the most hateful terms.

I think the word Lori is awkwardly grappling for here is ‘piqued’ not ‘peeked.’ Word definitions matter. I believe that the usage Lori was trying to make was of being suddenly intrigued or interested. Not the first one of feeling irritated or resentful. But truthfully either work for this piece.

The only bitter woman I see in this piece is Lori Alexander herself. What type of empty unhappy woman does it take to constantly go out of her way to say only negative and nasty things about other women? She obviously spends large blocks of time daily searching and researching for the words of others to push the idea that everyone but her is evil and wrong.

That’s a pretty sick mind to do something like that. It’s not the mark of anyone mentally healthy. Mentally healthy people do not worry about if everyone else is busy toeing some imaginary line. Healthy people figure that the faith or lack of faith in others is between them and their God. It’s none of their business and when exposed to it they tend to not allow it to color their view of the other person as ‘evil’ or ‘bitter.’

Lori is starting to sound more and more like something online called a ‘Female Honey Badger’, a woman that turns against everyone of her own sex to promote a dangerous male agenda of the mens rights activists. Like those inmates in the German prison camps during World War II that ratted out fellow inmates for a pack of smokes or more food. I just do not know what Lori and the other Honey Badgers emotional payoff is.

I am unfamiliar with show Lori is talking about, ‘The Bachelor’ beyond the name and it’s some sort of dating show. Why would that be? Because I value my time and do not watch reality television, but it sure sounds like she does when she’s not watching movies on The Hallmark Channel.

Exactly how a trashy reality show relates to going to a university to earn a degree is a legitimate field is also a mystery. Going to school to work on a degree is hard, it’s worthwhile and at the end you have the prize of having gained valuable knowledge that no one can take away from you. It does not corrupt, it does not rust. It is yours forever, whither you use it or not.

There is one thing she’s right about, you ARE all of those things you partake in. What does that make Lori? She’s choosing to watch reality television shows it sounds like. She watches those silly romance movies on Hallmark. She hangs around with, talks to and is too friendly with men who are white supremacists, women who hate other women, people that advocate beating children and other cruel practices, and the home grown terrorism of mens rights activists. Do you see any Jesus there? I don’t think so.

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 32 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Nea

    Lori sounds pissed that she’s not getting the fame and riches she expected with the complaint that “no one” is teaching what she claims to teach, not “anywhere.” If she’s modeled herself off of Debi Pearl she probably expected to have an unquestioned bestseller and church speaking engagements out her ears by now.

    Instead, she’s up against mass communication and social pushback, both of which are plaguing her heroine as well. The world is much different than it was before the Pearls were implicated in child murd- uh, ran up against the internet.

    The rest of it strikes me as “Ken, how dare you look at those skanks on TV! That way is the road of regret!”

  • Saraquill

    It reads like Lori in the middle of psychologically imploding.

  • AFo

    Here comes Lori’s jealousy again. Because even she has to admit that those godless women who go to school and watch The Bachelor are much happier than she is, and it’s not “supposed” to be that way.

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    Do you know anything about incels? Because she has a big old comment in there from a Christian one. God OWES them a beautiful young virgin who wants nothing but children!


  • bekabot

    If Solomon himself were speaking, he had indeed a bitter experience of the sin and misery into which women lead their victims.

    Absolutely. I’m sure that you asked Solomon (especially over his cups) he’d tell you what a bother his hundreds of bought concubines were, and what they cost him in food and drink and bedding and clothes and eyeshadow and perfume, and how much of his time they wasted, and what a swindle it was that they wouldn’t stay in the same condition they were in when he got them, and how they were always getting fat and pregnant and screwing up the succession, and how the sticklers among his people had started to complain once they noticed that he, Solomon, had a taste for pagan women, and how unfair it all was, because though it might be Solomon’s business as King to win territory for the Lord and while it certainly was his duty to keep hold of the lands he’d inherited at the start of his reign, it wasn’t his job to make converts. After which he might have added that it’s a real bore when you have a half-sister who will get herself raped and who thereby touches off a war out of sheer perversity and crap luck, proving definitively that you can never trust women, and what a pity it was that he (Solomon) couldn’t have ascended the throne in the regular way like a peaceable man but had to tussle for it instead (so undignified) with the additional and supplementary shame that when he first came into power his country had been turned upside-down and everything was at sixes and sevens and and bugged up and confused. Then he might start talking about the stern trials to which he’d been subjected, his initial fight for the throne being one of the first. Oh, yes, I’m sure it would be an instructive discussion (memorable, too).

  • Friend

    So you have to watch “The Bachelor” to get into college? I don’t remember seeing that on applications. Is Lori confused about the meaning of “bachelor’s degree”?

  • Jennifer Fields

    You’re right- this woman is a staight up misogynist. People wonder why I bother to read her blogs. Well, as they say- keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer! Does anyone know if she’s on SPLC’ s hatewatch?

  • Friend

    Thank you for this excellent summary, which I’ve read four times so far. It belongs in Encyclopaedia Britannica.

  • Littleblueheathen

    Lol, she’d piss herself from joy and excitement, and nobody would ever hear the end of it. Ever.

    ETA: She isn’t on there (yet)

  • Talos2264

    If anything it’s Lori that’s bitter about her life choices. She for some dumb reason decided to stop working, and follow this path she choose, and now she seems to have regret that decision, but instead of admiring to that. She attacks everyone who isn’t like her, and that includes us males as well. She’s pretty much a relic of a long forgotten past living in a fantasy world of her own design. My wife being a dentist hasn’t destroyed our marriage or warped our son, and i doubt it will warp our child when he or she is born. My mother worked as a probation officer, and i grew up fine. Almost all of the women in my family work. To be honest if my wife didn’t work we would be in financial hell. I can’t sustain a family on my salary alone.

  • Talos2264

    I wouldn’t even touch that topic with a ten foot pole.

  • smrnda

    Lori should also check stats on divorce. They are lower for college educated women because they marry later, are more selective about partners, and have more financial stability. Getting married early and not working is a great way to end up getting divorced and then struggling financially.

  • lady_black

    I don’t waste my time watching “reality shows.” The Bachelor is a “reality show” and much like “Nineteen and Counting” they are all scripted, and what you see isn’t reality. It’s “reality” as envisioned by the show’s script writers.
    I used to enjoy “Candid Camera” with Alan Funt when I was a kid, and it’s modern day equivalent “What Would You Do?” with John Quinones. They do use actors working an outrageous skit in public (like someone bullying a lesbian or gay couple, or a man slipping something into a woman’s drink when she goes to powder her nose) and film how actual bystanders react to what they’re seeing. Then, they tell the bystander what’s really going on. That’s MY idea of a reality show, and usually it restores my faith in humanity, because they usually do the right thing.
    I also watch shows ABOUT reality. But all those shows billed as “reality television” are fake, and they aren’t even convincing at being fake. It doesn’t surprise me that Lori buys them, hook, line and sinker, because that’s just who she is.

  • katiehippie

    Women are initiating divorces now because they can. They have a way to get out of abusive situations. No fault divorce saved my life.

  • lady_black

    Mine too. And I filed on dual grounds, fault and no fault. That way if he drug his feet signing the papers, I could proceed on the grounds of Indignities.
    That’s a catch-all fault ground for physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse that’s basically whatever the plaintiff says it is. That’s the grounds people would use universally before irreconcilable differences (no fault) came along. The way it worked when two people just wanted a divorce, but had no grounds is that one person (usually the one paying) would go to court and just make shit up, and bring a buddy along to swear he witnessed it all. The other person just wouldn’t show up, and a divorce was granted by default.
    I guess it was taking up too much court time with judges having to listen to contrived tales of woe that were likely seldom true.
    I wouldn’t have had to make anything up, as he really was abusive in every way possible. Luckily, a letter to my ex from my lawyer, explaining that either he signed the consent to divorce papers, or I would proceed with the divorce on fault grounds finally convinced him he might as well sign the papers. I was happy, because that saved me the cost of a hearing in front of a judge.
    I have no trouble believing that most divorces are at the request of the wife. Too many men have zero respect for their wives, and behave like total tyrants and bullies, and in my mind, that’s abusive, even if he never lays a hand on her.

  • Jennifer

    I always think that woman can’t sicken my anymore, then she says something else horrid. Look at the blasphemous tools she follows! What kind of weakling blames Eve for ADAM’S sin? Who’s the white supremacist she often quotes?

  • Jennifer

    If he was abusive, shouldn’t there have been divorce options besides no-fault? Are there no legal doors for that?

  • Nea

    Lori’s not going to love the idea of a woman secure enough on her own to be selective. It means the man has to make the effort of being and staying attractive as a partner, which is, in Lori’s eyes, too much autonomy for the woman and too much work for the man.

  • Friend


  • Jennifer

    The poor tool said he didn’t deserve a virgin, but had the gall to say a Godly man would only want a woman who wanted to have all the children she could. Pity the fool who plays the tool, and this guy’s a freaking hammer.

  • katiehippie

    Proving emotional abuse can be hard. My ex used to purposefully say things to upset me then blame me for getting upset. He would get me yelling a him and then say ‘see, you are the crazy one’. In many cases it was my word against his. Easier to just say ‘I’m done’ and no reason needed.

  • MaraT

    The comments are a glimpse into who is actually reading her blog. Keeping in mind that she gets tons of comments but will only post the comments that flatter her. She’s not interested in an intelligent conversation; her mind is made up and she won’t be confused with factual information. We clearly “hate the truth” if we disagree with her or point out any inconsistency in her posts. That long, rambling and frankly frightening comment by the dude that couldn’t score the beautiful virgin to which he felt entitled was a good example. That’s the sort of person who approves of her posts. It’s okay that he visited a prostitute; he’s not responsible for his actions. Some random woman is. Some woman who chose to educate herself and make an intelligent choice of a parter based on love, mutual respect and a shared vision. Why, the nerve of such nasty women!

  • B.A.

    He was a classic gaslighter. Glad you divorced him. He can go suck eggs.

  • Delilah Hart

    She assumes all other women are as toxic as she is. She’s projecting.

  • GeckoShamelessRaceMixer


  • GeckoShamelessRaceMixer

    What a scary confluence, incels meet quiverathome daughter-wives. This is the recipe for the Taliban. :/

  • persephone

    Many years ago, I had a female supervisor who let all the male employees get away with murder, and treated the women like slaves. Her classic, never to be forgotten, line was, “We’re a team. I’m the coach and you do what it tell you.”

    Lori reminds me so much of her. Chasing after men’s approving comments, letting only the comments from slavish female followers show.

  • persephone

    Absolutely. She’s aging, losing her looks, children grown and gone, and the absolute lack of any interests to pursue, any intellectual stimulation, is grinding on her. Her blog and followers are necessary for her reinforcement that she made the right choices.

  • persephone

    Off Topic: the Turpins have pled guilty to several counts, while pleading innocent to others. Their sentences could be 25 to life.

  • Jennifer

    Ohh, emotional abuse. What a creep!!

  • Jennifer

    Let’s hope so!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Yes, I saw that. Didn’t write about it here because I’m not sure what to make of them pleading guilty without getting any sort of a deal or sentence reduction. I have to think their lawyers must have said their only chance of getting sentenced to the lower end was to plead guilty. The kids testimony might have been bad enough to get them life.

  • persephone

    I think it will depend on what sentence is ordered. There’s word that they’re trying to avoid forcing the kids to testify. If the sentences are high enough, they’ll probably drop the other charges.

    There a lot of things at play. Under previous Republican governors, court budgets were cut. While this will, hopefully, change, judges are pushing for fewer trials.

    The father pled innocent to the sexual assault charges, so I’m guessing he’s hoping that will protect him in prison.

    There may not be an official plea deal, but it’s probable that the parents are hoping for a lower security prison by not going to trial and pleading to less egregious charges. They may also be hoping for the lower end of the sentence, which could mean they might not die in prison.

    He’s such a manipulator, that I would not be surprised that he’s playing what cards he has that.might work to his benefit.

  • Cynthia

    Those stats are also misleading. It might tell you who first filed the court papers but it doesn’t tell you who messed up or abandoned the marriage.

    Let’s say a couple splits because the husband left, was violent or had an affair. It is the wife who would likely be starting the divorce application, because she would need the court to give her a protection order, custody of the kids or child/spousal support. Men are less likely to have a claim if their own that requires court involvement.

  • Cynthia

    Truly no-fault jurisdictions don’t require consent of the other side to the divorce, just separation. Here, judges regularly tell spouses that it takes two to make a marriage work, but only one to end it.

  • lady_black

    Well, in my state it works that way, too. No consent is required to divorce after 2 years. I just didn’t want to wait two years to unload the son of a bitch.
    I was already getting phone calls about his credit card bills that were in both our names and he ran up.