Does Lori Alexander ‘Speak the Truth in Love’?

Does Lori Alexander ‘Speak the Truth in Love’? March 16, 2019

Earlier today Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife was busy on her Facebook page, her chat room and her blog trying to tear down the idea of higher education yet again. Lori hates education and educated people. Well, educated women at least.

She even went so far as to claim she learned very little in her Christian college and that others learn little. She claimed not to study much for tests, or struggle with homework. Lori goes as far as claiming that no one ever studied or made a big deal over the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test administered by the College Board) back when she was in school.

Funny, I am almost the same age as Lori and I clearly remember sweating and lots of studying coming up on the SAT, but I was trying for scholarships. My daddy wasn’t paying for me to go to college. Later we were all cramming and taking preparation coursework to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam administered by the Educational Testing Service  and quite necessary if you planned on higher education) I had friends I remember spending large amounts of time studying for the LSAT, (Law School Admission Test – the test you must take to go to law school.)

Lori mistakenly thinks that all of her personal experience is the only relevant way to determine what is true. She does not understand that there is a wide variety of experience among people. That varied experiences indicate only the variety in the spectrum of people. Not one darn thing to do with indicating the truth of faith, or God. It sure does not give her a moral superiority to proclaim she’s rushing about ‘Speaking the true in love.’

Lori Alexander is merely speaking her truth, her tiny, limited and very limiting experience with nothing even close to love. Most of the time whatever she’s spouting almost directly contradicts something said or done by Jesus. Sounds sort of like the Cult of Lori?

Then this pops up:

“Stand strong and speak the truth in love” does not mean saying demeaning awful things about other people in an effect to exert your own will. No, not at all.

Lori Alexander, and by extension Ken Alexander, spend more time name calling, insulting others and behaving like they are the only ones who’ve attained Mount Holy. Even if, IF and that’s a big if, that were remotely true they’d be better service by some humility. Which they seem to completely lack, humility, understanding and compassion.

Your “Trolls” don’t want you to go down in flames, they want you to wake up and realize you are following yourself and no one else. Not Jesus.

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