Pray But Do Not Leave if Your Husband Abuses You?

Pray But Do Not Leave if Your Husband Abuses You? April 26, 2019
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Remember all those times when The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander prissily proclaims she does not advise women to stay with abusive husbands?  Well, about that… she may not approve of men beating women but she does not approve of leaving either.

For at least the second time in recent years Lori Alexander deleted out of the chat room and Facebook page all mentions and phone numbers for domestic abuse hotlines. She erased repeatedly all links to places like The National Domestic Abuse Hotline.

Pure evil. That is the actions of someone completely eaten up with evil, malice and bad intentions.

In fact, I’d say her idea of ‘abuse’ is rather undefinable, mysterious, and oh so rare. Like a quark or a natural pearl as big as her head. Plus she always thinks that women do things to bring out the physical abuse. In Lori’s world surely no man would raise a fist if not pushed into by his wife.

We all know how untrue that is. How many of us have seen, heard, or sadly enough experienced men with hair triggers suddenly erupting into violent behavior for no reason? Sometimes a woman does not have the first time why a man would suddenly turn on her and lapse into violence. It’s not all women disrespecting men like Lori thinks.

Several days ago in the private chat room of Lori’s there was some discussion between members and Lori on the issues of spousal abuse and what it do, and it’s rather revealing in her non-answers.

I’ve always compared Lori’s private chat room to a roach nest where the roaches are bad toxic ideas. I’m wrong, it’s more like an overflowing cess pool.

No, women do not provoke their husbands into beating them.

No, men do not abuse their wives because the wives dare work outside of the home.

No, it’s not better to stay with an abusive man just so your children are fed and clothed.

No, praying for him is not a guarantee of anything like God changing him. But it might just lead to your death if you stay and only pray.

That’s the big problem with all of this misogyny that Lori Alexander preaches, it has a body count, people die when they follow her advice. Jesus wept.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached 24 hours a day at 1-800-799-7233

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