Doug Wilson Thinks Nativism is Not Racism?

Doug Wilson Thinks Nativism is Not Racism? July 19, 2019

I rarely write about politics, but I cannot stay silent in the face of such utter stupid arrogance as spewed by one Doug Wilson.

Don’t know about you, but I rarely have any high expectations for Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog. He routinely advocates for all sorts of hateful things, like slavery, treating women like homecooking robots that provide carnal relief, denigration of the LGBTQ community. But mostly because he seems intent on slaughtering the English language, making very hard to parse posts filled with word salad and word misuse.

Wilson is a petty pretend intellectual. That is his biggest crime.

In today’s episode of adventuring into the warped brain of Doug Wilson he’s supporting President Trump’s recent hateful words to the four Democratic women he seems to hate the most. Well, maybe not as much as he hates Nancy Pelosi, but close.

Wilson goes as far as saying that the President, the same President that ran on a platform of racist dog whistles, isn’t a racist. According to Doug he is a “Nativist.”

That’s pretty funny considering former members of his own administration are asking Trump to step down because of his racism. They believe it disqualifies the President to lead our diverse nation and harms us over all.

Doug wastes a lot of futile cyber ink calling the four democratic congresswomen names like “Trotskyite” and “Vladamir Lenin” along with “Nutroots” partnered with accusations of being part of some Russian communist cabal. Then he says that he finds Ilhan Omar’s head gear to be a ‘micro aggression against him personally.

I am not here to defend the president’s tweet as elegant, or accurate, or refined, or sophisticated. It wasn’t any of those. It was certainly nativist, but what else is new? He ran as a nativist. The reason he got elected was because of that nativist emphasis, spoken loudly into microphones. You know, like at rallies. Speaking as a dispassionate observer of all these events, and a few others just like it, I simply want to report to you that to accuse the president of racism because he spoke brusquely to four Trotskyite ladies, and to expect that accusation to hurt him in the coming campaign, is what might be called an Exercise in High Futility.

No, Doug, telling an audience that Mexicans send rapist and drug dealers is not nativist, it is racism. So is calling another place a ‘Sh*thole country’. There are so many times I could cite that prove Trump is a racist. Besides Nativist as Doug is using it means racist.

There is some rambling and babbling by Doug about that wall Trump is trying so futilely to get built on our dime. He follows with this bit about whoever ends up with the Democratic nomination:

So whoever gets the nomination, the campaign posters will all have Comrades! at the top, and then some ironic Soviet art about agriculture. And anybody who thinks that this will make Donald Trump sad is someone who just fell off the locally sourced turnip truck.

There is so much, so completely wrong in Doug’s screed that I don’t have time to list it all here, but I have to mention a few highlights.

First, Wilson keeps referring to Democrats as pawns of Russia, and the former Soviet Union. I am guessing he’s not bothered to read the  Mueller Report, which proves that the only people to benefit from and have contact with the Russians is Trump and his people.

Second, he mentions how awesome the stock market and economy are doing under Trump.  Let me state this, you can bookmark this and when it comes true in the next 18 to 24 months know I was right and Doug wrong. There are some indicators going on right now in the Bond market that only happen shortly before the market tanks. There is no added value behind the stock increases, CEOs took the additional monies generated to buy back company stock, not reinvest. Smart people are selling right now. Even the Bible talks of the wisdom of being able to read the signs of the coming times and prepare.

A year spent volunteering to help Nicaraguans fleeing the violence still going on in their country tells me that peaceful, compassionate, just immigration policies and programs are now more needed that ever before. No more kids in cages, but help those fleeing violence.

Doug says over and over and over again that Trump cannot be stopped, that he is Teflon.  So we must all embrace the President and his policies because Jesus. No one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.

There’s a reason our country was founded on separation of church and state. Watching Doug Wilson and many other prominent Christians rubber stamp everything about our President that runs counter to some hippie freak named Jesus rules is frightening.

Please vote in the coming election. I’m not crazy about any of the candidates running yet, but it is becoming increasingly clear that we must cohere around a candidate and take back our country.

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