Larry Solomon is Scared of Women and LGBTQ

Larry Solomon is Scared of Women and LGBTQ July 3, 2019
Poor Larry could not pee in this restroom because it would be too frighting and challenging to his Biblical weak masculinity. Christ would likely be fine with it.

Another day, another set of bad ideas by Larry Solomon the hairy man. By this post, America’s Misapplication of the Golden Rule,  you can see that Larry is pants peeing frightened. Larry Solomon is scared of women and the LGBTQ. Like the good little powerless “Biblical” patriarch he is.


“Impractical Jokers” Joe Gatto is looking for Larry too. Thankfully his Larry is not our Larry.

Larry has been proven to be one of the most ‘average’ guys around, someone you wouldn’t spare a second glance at if you passed him in the grocery store. Not a stand out in any way. Mediocre, dismiss-able, not the type you would think would have room to throw rocks at anyone. Completely forgettable.

If you think that would stop Larry you’re sadly mistaken. Our troll monster is firmly back under the bridge shouting out disgusting ideas again.

Today Larry is listing the twenty ways he thinks that the Biblical “Golden Rule” has been misapplied by society in general. If you guessed all of his ways involve women and LGBTQ gaining human rights you’d be correct. Everything from property rights to voting to not being treated like literal lepers. All good things that Larry attempts to twist into bad because hurts and insults his weak masculinity and petty warped version of the Living God.

He follows this with another long, l-o=n-g, LONG pile of scriptures debating each point, no matter how  hard he has to manipulate and shoe horn in things that aren’t the best fit. One size fits all to Larry.

Larry follows his misogyny and homophobia with his summation. No one but white males of his flavor of koolaid get rights. Not so fast Captain Honky!

In the same way men are not breaking Christ’s “Golden Rule” by wanting women as wives for sexual pleasure, for them to bear children and for them to guide and keep their homes. And men are not wrong for wanting to lead, teach and mold their wives as they see fit according to the Word of God.

A man is no more wrong for wanting to control and guide his wife’s actions than a parent is for wanting to control and guide their child’s actions.

Women are autonomous living breathing humans that no man ‘owns’,Larry. How does Larry treat his wife, not so great, not even “Bionically” The Bible orders people to take good care of their animals, but even that is too much for Larry. He seeks to control what he does not understand and what he fears.

Only an abusive and very cruel parent would seek to control the child by withholding needed medication from a child. That is a legitimate CPS-actionable behavior. But it’s one that Larry has posited that he does routinely to control his wife’s moods and behavior. That is abuse no matter who is doing it. You can go directly to jail without passing go for acting in that manner. And you should. The Golden Rule violation here!

Then we move on to that other people group Larry is desperately afraid of. I guess he fears that one of them might try to forcibly bend him over in the Sears bathroom. The gehyz.

And finally, on the topic of LGBTQ persons and how the “Golden Rule” applies to them. Clearly no LGBTQ person should be “proud” of their sinful desires, but rather they should be ashamed of them and seek help to overcome such wicked desires.

Christians are not breaking Christ’s “Golden Rule” in refusing to make LGBTQ persons comfortable in their wicked desires nor in refusing to allow them to become members of or clergy in churches.

So how many times did Jesus state we’re to shame those with a differing sexuality, or address anything to do with homosexuality? Exactly zero. And it’s not like there were no gays in Jesus time either. Homosexuality dates back well before Christ.

Again, Larry is twisting scripture to fit his fears and prejudices. Just like every other braying self-promoting weak patriarchal type. He is hiding under that bridge because he’s actually scared of everything and everyone, and thinks he shouldn’t be.

Now that I’m done with the unpleasant fear that is Larry please enjoy Sal of ‘Impractical Jokers’ doing the Double Dutch. Can you imagine any of these secretly quaking in their boots types being comfortable enough in their own skins to dance like this? Nope.

What is Larry el al so afraid of?

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 32 years. You can read more about the author here.

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  • Nightshade

    Larry did say one thing that I agree with, and that is ‘There is absolutely an “intersectionality” between women’s rights and LGBTQ rights.’ Of course he draws an entirely wrong conclusion, but I think that women’s rights and LGBTQ rights are closely related, because we are all fighting the same enemy, i.e. white Christian patriarchal ‘men’ (using that term very, verrrry loosely) who are determined to control anyone who isn’t them. Shocking, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    EDIT: I forgot to add racial equality to the ‘intersectionality’ mix, because again the primary enemy is the same, ‘men’ like Larry who claim the right to control everyone else.

  • Saraquill

    Yet again, I repeat that Paul is coded asexual, meaning J*sus had at least one queer friend.

  • Friend

    Hmm, this guy is a fundamentalist Baptist on his, what, third marriage? And he’s not that old, in his forties or maybe fifties? I thought his branch of Christianity was firmly opposed to divorce. What could POSsibly be going awry…

    men are not wrong for wanting to lead, teach and mold their wives as they see fit according to the Word of God.

  • Christine O’Hare

    Love the Impractical Jokers clips! What a great foil to the topic today!

  • French Pandora

    I wish my great grandmother was still alive, Larry would see how meek and obedient she was 😀

  • AFo

    Larry takes issue with treating others as you want to be treated. He shouldn’t be surprised if people throw it back at him and treat him like the pile of s h i t he is. It works both ways, Larry-boy.

  • Friend

    I have fond memories of my grandmother dismantling people over drinking alcohol. She spared absolutely no one, male or female.

  • Ruthitchka

    Wait, this guy withholds needed meds from his wife to control her moods? In what universe is this remotely acceptable? Wow.

  • Martin Penwald

    And men are not wrong for wanting to lead, teach

    No, they aren’t. But neither are women.

  • Polytropos

    His poor, poor wife.

  • Allison the Great

    In one of his absolutely awful posts he talks about how real men don’t like highly educated or intelligent women. As I read that I was thinking, “No, Larry, you don’t like highly educated or intelligent women. Don’t pin your shortcomings and inadequacies on all human males, don’t insult men that way.” There are millions of men who are far more intelligent, witty and wonderful than a loser like Larry could ever hope to be. All Larry is pointing out by saying that he and his ilk don’t like intelligent women is that he is not worth anyone’s time. He knows he’s on the bottom of the pyramid, he knows he’s pretty much worthless. He just wants someone who doesn’t intimidate him to boss around.

  • Friend

    Unfortunately medication control is on a spectrum, I think. He might be more blatant, but “take this, you’ll feel better” is one way to pressure people to alter their moods. I’ve heard of people telling others that they are only fun when they are drunk. Some couples have loud arguments about every birth control pill.

  • Astreja

    Never mind acceptable — is what he’s doing even legal? 😮

  • otrame

    Jesus never met Paul.

  • bekabot

    “That which is despicable to you, do not to another; that is the whole of the Torah and the rest is commentary.” — Rabbi Hillel

    Now that is the way to win converts.

  • lady_black

    That’s why I would get an IUD.

  • Zeldacat

    If he’d met one of mine she’d have torn him a new one without using one unladylike word. I miss her.

  • Malissa

    I thought he withheld meds from their child, or threatened to, to control her(the mom’s) behavior.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    He may have done that as well. But he has talked about controlling his wife’s pain medication as a way to assuring compliance, better mood and because he thinks she relies on it too much.

  • Jennifer

    Yup, and anyone is wrong for wanting to “mold”.

  • Jennifer

    Both of mine were redheads. One was very sweet and patient but stood up for herself when she had to; she was a stronger and greater person than Larry could even conceive of being. The other was 5’4 and scared people as much as her 6’4 husband if she was pissed off.