Lori Alexander and the Slipping Sliding Morality

Lori Alexander and the Slipping Sliding Morality July 4, 2019

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Another day, another shameless self-promotion from Quiverfull’s Queen of Mean Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. I keep hoping she’s transform into a kinder, nicer person but that has not happened yet.

Happy 4th of July! Here’s some fireworks!

Remember when Lori wrote her first book? “The Power of the Transformed Wife,” and she went on a public scolding spree because so many folks that reviewed the book on Amazon were not “Verified Buyers.” At the time Lori furiously stated that all of the unverified people posting negative reviews were trolls who’d not read the book, yet posted up reviews. Oh the hue and cry!

She didn’t seem to realize if you’d glanced through either of her blogs you’d basically read the entire book. It was extremely derivative of her blogs without a spark of originality.

Not that I approve of writing reviews for books you’ve not read. No, please don’t do that because it makes the rating and review system something of an ugly farce.

She’s done a 180 degree turn, urging her fans in her nasty vile roach nest of a secret chat room to post copious and glowing reviews, even if they’d not bothered to buy or read her new book “Biblical Womanhood.”

So far it’s only gained Lori six more positive reviews, pretty much just evening out the positive/negative balance. In a group with over 700 members you’d think you might gain more than 6. That’s not even 1 percentage point.

But here’s the thing with that, besides it being an immoral lie, it also violates Amazon’s posted rules about commentary and authors pretty severely. Lori could end up with all unverified positive reviews pulled if she keeps this up, or someone decides to point Amazon to the roach nest post.

What is banned? Lots of things, but this jumps out:

A relative, close friend, business associate, or employee of the product creator posts a review to help boost sales

You cannot solicit positive reviews from your fan base with out them buying the book! What Lori is asking her fan base to do is to lie, post a lie, and we all know what lies make Baby Jesus do, cry.

The funny part of all of it is that many of the most vocal people in that bad place have posited that all the negative reviews are the work of one or two people. Which is not true. I know of at least a dozen people besides myself that read the book and posted negative reviews because the content is so toxic and wrong.

Lori also announced in her roach coach that she’s working on book 3, which will be a compilation of all those painfully laborious handwritten pious missives of hers. But she’s not even writing it. Lori was soliciting in her chatroom for someone to do the transposition for her. Too gosh darnit lazy to even do the work. Typical Lori.

Not sure I want to live in a world where a woman gets to publish completely false narratives of what Christianity is about, yet Mad Magazine ceases publication.

We need more levity in this world, not more nasty guilt merchants.

Not everyone posting a negative review is a troll or an unbeliever. I know many Christians posting.

If you need a laugh be sure to take a gander at her husband, Ken Alexander’s take on the evil harlotry of someone from “The Bachelor”,  a show both claim not to watch but know way more about that myself. I really don’t watch it, but clearly they do.

I forget, who was it that said something about only those without sin may cast a stone?

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