Lori Alexander: Misunderstanding Socialism to Bash Mothers Again

Lori Alexander: Misunderstanding Socialism to Bash Mothers Again October 4, 2019
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Sometimes I wonder if Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is still mentally living in the 50s, not the 1950s, but the 1850s. Yesterday she posted a piece talking about how socialism harms children and mothers. There’s just one problem with her words, socialism as she is describing it no longer really exists anywhere in that form. Lori Alexander: Misunderstanding socialism to bash mothers again.

Lori quotes a mother from a supposed socialist country without saying if this is recent, or not, what nation she’s talking about, absolutely no identifying information much  less an actual source. This is what Lori Alexander does, find information that fits her uninformed uneducated worldview, and then cites it without a source. No different than those conspiracy theories screaming about Hillary Clinton’s non-existent child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor. Fake, fake news.

An apocryphal tale at best! Lori does not seem to realize that what this lady is describing sounds like something straight out of the old Soviet block countries during the 1960s or 70s, but no longer exists at all. Only four nations are considered that type of socialist/communist now, and even then it’s unlikely this is still happening.

You have China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam who are listed as the most closely following socialism. But as you dig around you see that China and Vietnam have recently embraced capitalism. Certainly China is a better capitalist nation than the U.S.A. Cuba has opened doors to the West, and has open borders with other nations. Not the pure socialism that Lori is citing here.

There are a pile of nations that identify as socialist, but do not fit the model Lori is still pushing, the red under the bed model. This is why reading is essential as an adult, reading newspapers and current event magazines. You keep up with what’s happening in the world and how it can impact you. Quiverfull does not encourage staying abreast of the world.

I guess Lori does not drive on public roads, or depend on the police to keep the have-nots out of her house, or the fire department protecting her. All of these things are the result of socialism, socialistic policies that provide the same benefit from the lowliest to the richest person. At it’s most simplistic that is what socialism is, providing the same to everyone.

Lori is mistaking communism and socialism again, or political socialism. Communism is where the State or country controls everything, every single aspect of life from business to personal. Socialism is when the government guarantees basic needs for everyone, medical, education, but does not control business or the private sector. They support infrastructure, things that benefit everyone.

Here’s where it gets kind of funny, Jesus himself was preaching a type of socialism. The early church was a socialist structure. Everyone pooled money and possessions, and all needs were met. Or would that be closer to communism?

When did caring about what happened to your fellow man become such a bad thing? Socialism as practiced in the old communist countries does not work so well. Socialism as in highways and public works projects does work well and benefits everyone.

Too bad we cannot tie Lori and Doug Wilson (the other one misunderstanding socialism) together, throw them over a tree branch and allow them to battle it out with loafs of bread. Doug and his Wonder bread and Lori with her Einkorn.

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