Organic Food is a Trendy Rebellion Hippie Thing?

Organic Food is a Trendy Rebellion Hippie Thing? October 5, 2019

Remember the last Doug Wilson  of Blog and Mablog posting on rebellion we did earlier in the week when Doug made his claims against any bread that isn’t white Wonder bread is some sort of rebellious plot? Doug takes it even farther by pretending that all organic food is nothing but a deluded trend by hippies. Now Doug is taking on organic food. In Doug’s mind organic food is a trendy rebellious hippie thing.

When I see posts like this I am filled with the desire to tie Doug together with one of the Quiverfull mommas that preaches all organics, toss that rope over a tree and let them fight it out. Arm them with bread. Doug with a loaf of his precious white Wonder bread and give Lori or Zsuzsanna a hard loaf of einkorn. May the one with the hardest bread win.

Does Doug not understand that the rural poor and his so-called ‘aristocratic class’ are eating exactly the same things? Those without much in rural areas tend to grow some of their own foods, not necessarily bombing it with chemicals. Heck, well to do suburbanites do it too.

With so many people either taking an interest in healthier eating, and the rise of allergies to a rainbow of things like chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fertilizer is it any surprise? I would say this is what happens when the population becomes informed enough to make decisions about what they put in their bodies, not some sort of elitism.

And carob can be delicious if prepared right! It’s not chocolate, but it’s still tasty.

You know one of the worst things about giving random people not in your safe little cocoon of a high demand religion labels? You limit yourself, and you limit them. Using decades old terminology for a people group really reveals quite a bit about Doug’s thoughts. This entire series on rebellion just exposes Doug’s many prejudices. Shh! Let’s sneak away without mentioning Millennials or Gen X or other confusing terminology around Doug.

Ah! I finally see where Doug is going in this confusing hot mess of a book. He’s trying to posit that he and his pals, his Wonder bread eating, canned corn gobbling, sneering at lattes self, are the true rebels. That being that type of conservatism is a subversive act, and that the rest of us are just two-stepping our way down the road to Hades in lockstep.

Why is everything this man writes so deranged and devoid of reality?

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