Moral Relativism or Something Else?

Moral Relativism or Something Else? October 28, 2019
Screen cap from their joint Facebook page

While we’re on our Loritorium – not quoting or reading The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander we are looking at some of her most fervent followers. She seems to attract the worst people. The ones also making the gold ring grab to also be Quiverfull female cultural enforcers like Lori. This is from Beccy and Cam Mosser. I cannot link to their blog because it looks like it has been hijacked by a recent Asian grab, but here is their joint Facebook where this nice little rant on moral relativism came from.

They are interesting because they take Lori’s ideas and extrapolate them out into some very disturbed ways. Their theology seems doggedly determined to harm others. But it’s this promotion of their ideas as rational and God’s word that is disturbing.

As Debi Pearl, Lori Alexander and Nancy Campbell age and fade away there will always be hate filled Beccy’s trying to step into their shoes.

There’s a great deal negative I could say about this family. Legal troubles, family members spilled spoiled tea, but for today I’m just going to let their own words speak for them.

Moral relativism: Dangerous morons who think they know better than Jesus Christ, who is God. Who think there are no absolutes. .Feminism=> Nazism .homosexuality is an abomination .lesbianism is an abomination .transgenders are an abomination .bisexuals are an abomination .women’s rights are a lie straight from hell .womens careers are a lie straight from hell .child prevention is murder .public schools are satanic seminaries .women preachers are Jezebel witches .the emergent churches are satanic .men who support these things are effeminate .Jesus Christ is God .Islam .Catholicism .Presbyterian . Methodist . Reformed Baptist . Seventh day Adventist . Dispensationalism . Hyper dispensationalism . Jehovah’s witness . Calvinism . Lutheran . Pentecostal (demon possessed) . Open door (100% demon possessed) . Wicca . Witchcraft . Satanic . Hillsong . IFB . Etc. … are all lies straight from the pits of hell . The USA is a pit of vipers . The US governing forces are run by Satan . 99% (or more)of women will go to hell . 99 % (or more)of women are child sacrificers . Women who wear pants are an abomination . Women who love pleasure are dead while they live . People who use child prevention might as well be gay . 99% (or more) of pastors serve satan . People are wicked and deserve hell . There is nothing good about this world . Only Jesus Christ can save you from sin . When you are saved you hate sin . Those who are not saved vex our righteous souls . Those who are not saved live for this world . Those who are not saved hate the prophets of Jesus Christ . Those who are not saved think Jesus wants them to be happy . Those who are not saved will go to hell . Hell is not a party . ABORTIONISTS deserve to be executed and given a fast track to hell . Those who are not saved idolize our military . The US military is run by the Pope who is run by satan . The police forces are run by the Pope who is run by satan . The police protect pedophilia and abortion . Child protective services should be called pedophile services . Those who are not saved send their children to public school . Public schools are training grounds for pedophiles . “Christian schools” …. no such thing . “Christian seminaries” …. no such thing . Marriage is one man one woman . Marriage is not an orgy but procreation . Sex is not for fun but to procreate (procreating is fun) . Children are true riches money is a farce . Dave Ramsey has got to be a Jesuit plant . Women who work outside the home need mental evaluations . Those who produce child prevention methods should be in prison . Those who use child prevention should be in prison . Self defense (2nd amendment)in no way should render a person locked up . Criminals would think twice if everyone carried a gun . The 2nd amendment is amazing . The 2nd amendment won your freedom . The Constitution was put in place to worship Jesus Christ according to the scriptures being killed . The 2nd amendment was put in place to take care of those who try to kill you for worshipping Jesus Christ according to the scriptures . Gun control is meant to make it easy for the GOVERNMENT to kill you for worshipping Jesus Christ according to the scriptures.

These are the people that scare me. Their views are so incredibly toxic, and they are out there plotting and bragging about armed rebellion, claiming to stand for Christ, yet in complete denial about what he says.

Breeding like rabbits while teaching the next generation a pile of falsehoods. So so “Godly.” /sarcasm.

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