Moral Relativism or Something Else?

Moral Relativism or Something Else? October 28, 2019
Screen cap from their joint Facebook page

While we’re on our Loritorium – not quoting or reading The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander we are looking at some of her most fervent followers. She seems to attract the worst people. The ones also making the gold ring grab to also be Quiverfull female cultural enforcers like Lori. This is from Beccy and Cam Mosser. I cannot link to their blog because it looks like it has been hijacked by a recent Asian grab, but here is their joint Facebook where this nice little rant on moral relativism came from.

They are interesting because they take Lori’s ideas and extrapolate them out into some very disturbed ways. Their theology seems doggedly determined to harm others. But it’s this promotion of their ideas as rational and God’s word that is disturbing.

As Debi Pearl, Lori Alexander and Nancy Campbell age and fade away there will always be hate filled Beccy’s trying to step into their shoes.

There’s a great deal negative I could say about this family. Legal troubles, family members spilled spoiled tea, but for today I’m just going to let their own words speak for them.

Moral relativism: Dangerous morons who think they know better than Jesus Christ, who is God. Who think there are no absolutes. .Feminism=> Nazism .homosexuality is an abomination .lesbianism is an abomination .transgenders are an abomination .bisexuals are an abomination .women’s rights are a lie straight from hell .womens careers are a lie straight from hell .child prevention is murder .public schools are satanic seminaries .women preachers are Jezebel witches .the emergent churches are satanic .men who support these things are effeminate .Jesus Christ is God .Islam .Catholicism .Presbyterian . Methodist . Reformed Baptist . Seventh day Adventist . Dispensationalism . Hyper dispensationalism . Jehovah’s witness . Calvinism . Lutheran . Pentecostal (demon possessed) . Open door (100% demon possessed) . Wicca . Witchcraft . Satanic . Hillsong . IFB . Etc. … are all lies straight from the pits of hell . The USA is a pit of vipers . The US governing forces are run by Satan . 99% (or more)of women will go to hell . 99 % (or more)of women are child sacrificers . Women who wear pants are an abomination . Women who love pleasure are dead while they live . People who use child prevention might as well be gay . 99% (or more) of pastors serve satan . People are wicked and deserve hell . There is nothing good about this world . Only Jesus Christ can save you from sin . When you are saved you hate sin . Those who are not saved vex our righteous souls . Those who are not saved live for this world . Those who are not saved hate the prophets of Jesus Christ . Those who are not saved think Jesus wants them to be happy . Those who are not saved will go to hell . Hell is not a party . ABORTIONISTS deserve to be executed and given a fast track to hell . Those who are not saved idolize our military . The US military is run by the Pope who is run by satan . The police forces are run by the Pope who is run by satan . The police protect pedophilia and abortion . Child protective services should be called pedophile services . Those who are not saved send their children to public school . Public schools are training grounds for pedophiles . “Christian schools” …. no such thing . “Christian seminaries” …. no such thing . Marriage is one man one woman . Marriage is not an orgy but procreation . Sex is not for fun but to procreate (procreating is fun) . Children are true riches money is a farce . Dave Ramsey has got to be a Jesuit plant . Women who work outside the home need mental evaluations . Those who produce child prevention methods should be in prison . Those who use child prevention should be in prison . Self defense (2nd amendment)in no way should render a person locked up . Criminals would think twice if everyone carried a gun . The 2nd amendment is amazing . The 2nd amendment won your freedom . The Constitution was put in place to worship Jesus Christ according to the scriptures being killed . The 2nd amendment was put in place to take care of those who try to kill you for worshipping Jesus Christ according to the scriptures . Gun control is meant to make it easy for the GOVERNMENT to kill you for worshipping Jesus Christ according to the scriptures.

These are the people that scare me. Their views are so incredibly toxic, and they are out there plotting and bragging about armed rebellion, claiming to stand for Christ, yet in complete denial about what he says.

Breeding like rabbits while teaching the next generation a pile of falsehoods. So so “Godly.” /sarcasm.

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Michael Neville

    The US military is run by the Pope who is run by satan

    That will come as a surprise to the many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who think the US military is run by US government.

  • Mel

    I’m stuck trying to work out how Dave Ramsey is a Jesuit plant. First, I suspect that Dave Ramsey is not Catholic which greatly reduces the likelihood that he’s a Jesuit. Second, he’s married which reduces the chance of him being a Jesuit even more. And finally – based on the rambling and ranting post – I’m also pretty sure that he’s a heterotroph, not an autotroph. Most humans can’t use sunlight to produce energy – and I doubt that Ramsey is any different in that respect 😛

  • Mel

    Just imagine having your high school essays graded by parents who write with such brevity, clarity and insight.

  • Mimc

    This seems like what a bad neutral net would come up with if you fed it CP/QF blogs as input. Like where would you even start of you wanted to correct this? It’s like a you put everything these people hate in a blender. Are all the preiods at the start of the words in the original? Does the author have an extremely high fever? So many questions.

  • AFo

    …WTF2 did I just read? This was basically just them ranting about everyone they hate (aka everyone who is not exactly like them). I did manage to pull out “Those who are not saved think Jesus wants them to be happy.” Like, what? Why would people want to be on your side if you’re straight up telling them that it’s going to be a boatload of misery? Where in the Bible does it say that life on Earth is not supposed to be happy? Just like Lori, these people can’t stand the fact that they did everything “right” and ended up miserable, so they have to try to ruin it for people who are actually happy with their lives, couched in “theology.”

  • Carstonio

    I imagine the writer of that horrific run-on-sentence typing it in a fit of drooling, insensate rage. Even Rorschach from Watchmen would shake his head.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    “The US military is run by the Pope who is run by satan . The police forces are run by the Pope who is run by satan. …Dave Ramsey has got to be a Jesuit plant .”

    I’m sure all of this would come as a surprise to His Holiness.

  • Tawreos

    I stopped reading when I realized that they didn’t know that homosexuality and lesbianism are the same thing.

  • Geoff Benson

    These sort of people shouldn’t be allowed to breed, though clearly they do it as much as they can!

    They cannot see the moral paradox that denies even the existence of many basic human rights, yet supports unbridled gun ownership. Countries that have bans on gun ownership are generally happier.

  • Desperate Ambrose
  • Desperate Ambrose

    “I suspect that Dave Ramsey is not Catholic which greatly reduces the likelihood that he’s a Jesuit.”

    Ah, but one doesn’t have to be a Jesuit in order to be a Jesuit plant! Just goes to show you how fiendishly clever they are in their machinations to bring down our country and turn it over to Rome!

  • adhoc

    ” Gun control is meant to make it easy for the GOVERNMENT to ki ll you for worshipping Jesus Christ according to the scriptures.”

    You can worship Jesus properly without your gun in your hand, right?

    “This is my weapon, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun.”

  • Cynthia

    Looks like he went to jail for “protecting his family”, and then ended up back in jail again when he got into a fight with the guy who posted a bond and agreed to house the family.

    They sound scary. I was hoping this was a Poe or a troll, but I fear it’s real.

  • Mark in Ohio

    Wow, you found someone who makes the Westover Church look somewhat rational. I’m impressed, and a little bit frightened.

  • paganheart

    I’m thinking the whole thing was some kind of bullet-point list, or list of sentences that didn’t format well when Suzanne copied/pasted it into the blog, but I’m not going to go to the original page to find out. I feel like I need a hot shower and a stiff drink after reading that as it is.

    And if that is actually how it was written on Facebook…at best, these people don’t know how to Facebook. At worst, yeah, off their meds…or needs meds…

  • Nea

    I’d be a lot more afraid if the poster was lucid enough to actually communicate.

    Interesting line about pleasure, though. It appears that the typist (because that ain’t writing) is against any pleasure of any kind, ever.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    The only difference between the formatting is that it was sometimes broken into awkward paragraphs. LONG awkward paragraphs

  • Magpie

    Talk to transformer has better grammar:

    Moral relativism: Dangerous morons who think they know better than Jesus Christ, who is God. Who think there are no absolutes. .Feminism=> Nazism2 .homosexuality is an abomination .lesbianism is an abomination !!! It is time to take the reins of power away from the morons who think this way to the people who can govern us. It is not moral to have such a government which holds all power over all. We don’t have to be slaves , but a masters, we are not servants. God created the world to be a home of freedom, to give all people what they desire, not to be controlled of things they don’t understand. To be free and to govern ourselves, We pray that one day all the men, women and children out here on this planet will know that we are not in hell, and if we were, that we could live out our lives to the fullest.

    The author does not like to lose his temper, he does have many righteous grievances against the homosexual community, but still this book makes it

  • Allison the Great

    I noticed that too, and they are especially against women doing most things except shutting up and having babies. I can’t imagine how this person has a spouse when he hates what she is so much.

  • Mel

    It reminded me of the time Sarah Palin introduced Trump somewhere. Her introduction was amazingly awkward in real life, but if you read it artistically, it kind of worked as a form of beat poetry.

    This reminded me of that because there is no way to read this to make it into anything other than unhinged rambling.

  • Mel

    Jesus was strongly anti-violence. Yeah, he made a mess of the tables of the money-changers – but he was a whole lot more rough on Peter when he cut off the ear of one of the soldiers who went to arrest him.

    And yet, so many people seem to miss that bit.

  • Polytropos

    I doubt he hates what his spouse is. Probably he really likes having a s&#8203l&#8203a&#8203v&#8203e to do everything for him.

  • Allison the Great

    He likes women being a slave2 yeah, but they do seem to think of women as being untrustworthy. Both he and this woman’s father have beaten that into her brain. There is some serious misogyny behind those words.

  • Ann Nienow Bowen

    Is that an earring I see in his ear? What an 1asshat.

  • Madison Blane

    Wait. If “God created the world to be a home of freedom, to give all people what they desire,” then why can’t we be Jezebel feminist wiccan public-school lesbians2 if we so desire?! Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  • Saraquill

    “.99%” of various people are going to h3ll? Oddly specific, yet optimistic.

  • Friend

    It is pretty amazing that he’s allowed to wear that. Almost as if they were making up their own rules. /s

  • Emersonian

    I’m frankly disappointed that they didn’t include Unitarian Universalists in that rant. We absolutely are spawned in the pit of Satan as far as these folks are concerned!

    Seriously though, this is utterly mental.

  • Friend

    I’m sure it’s not an exhaustive list. They’ll get around to everybody eventually. I think I’m already on their list in about four places though…

  • Jennifer

    I had to stop reading their post to keep my eyes from crossing. I think they hate more groups of people than Steve Anderson..and I have to admit, I expected to see blacks1 and Jews2 mentioned as abominations too. Or were they? I stopped reading.

  • Joint facebook account? One of them is a cheater, bet it’s the guy. As for their… whatever that was? It was unreadable.

  • Jennifer

    What’s a Poe?

  • Jennifer

    Hahaha. Maybe that was the 3numskull’s way of making sure he said he hates both gay men and women.

  • Jennifer

    Who are the Westover? Or did you mean Westboro?

  • Jennny

    Their long list of just about everyone in the world being wrong, but them, reminds me of the old Yorkshire saying….to be read in a distinctive strong Yorkshire Accent. ”Queer2” here meaning odd/strange: ”The whole world is queer2 ‘cept thee and me, and even thee’s a bit queer2.” I also think of Screwtape’s advice to Wormwood on how to derail the x-tian he’s working on. It’s to make him constantly nit-picky about doctrine so that he moves further and further away from other believers till he becomes a church of one person. No one else has his purity of doctrine. And that ear ring…highly dodgy!

  • gimpi1

    Wow, what did I just read? That was nuts. Random bizarre statements that seem to be beamed in from a paranoid alternative universe that encourages violence as it attempts to pose as religious dogma is both deeply dangerous and objectively hilarious. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • Cynthia

    Someone posting something absurd on purpose.

    On the internet, unless you know the poster or have some context, it can be almost impossible to tell over-the-top parody from real fundamentalists or conspiracy theorists.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    Considerate of you to change your headline, Ms.Titkemeyer.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    A “Poe”, eh? I woulda thought someone posting something absurd on purpose would be more like a “Kafka”.

  • Debra Wehrly

    Wow, no words. I am beyond shocked. They sound like the American version of the Taliban and ISID. Is it any wonder that so many people are leaving religion all together? They are the ones that produce the hard-core atheists that we have today. I do not blame anyone from turning away from religion and Christianity in particular. With people like that representing Christianity who could hardly blame them?

  • Jennifer

    Ohh, wow. Thanks!

  • Cynthia

    A “Kafka” would be a good description for my interactions with one of courts here this week…

  • Astreja

    Please, someone, put the Mossers on a watch list! There’s palpable violence in that writing.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    In which case, you would probably appreciate reading this:

  • persephone

    But wasn’t it the U.S. military that won the Revolution? That somehow the not yet existing 2nd Amendment helped us win?

    Lordy, come on. This cognitive dissonance is giving me a headache.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Someone pointed out that it was insensitive. Point taken. I am a-okay with being wrong sometimes unlike *coughcoughLoriAlexandercough* others.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    Good heavens! You should see a doctor about that!

  • Ruthitchka

    Wow! Every crazy right-wing fundy idea all in one long, stream-of-consciousness paragraph. I do agree, procreating is fun. By any other name, it is also fun.

    As for the rest of it, with everything this lady lists as satanic, etc., what’s left for us to believe in? Has she started her own religion? ( o :

    Edit: Wait, was it the lady named Beccy or her husband that wrote this? Wow, I’m so confused.

  • Ruthitchka

    At least he doesn’t have a “man bun!”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    No one knows for sure, both are nuts like that. Beccy is usually found stuck up Lori Alexander’s ass

  • B.A.

    They sound more like Nazis69 than any feminists I know. And I’m a feminist myself,lucky enough to be raised by one.

  • Jennifer Fields

    I wonder what drugs she’s doing? Sounds like a really bad trip. Hubby should get her to a rehab facility, post- haste!