Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson and the Rodrigues Family – When Hateful Quiverfull Views Create Real World Reactions

Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson and the Rodrigues Family – When Hateful Quiverfull Views Create Real World Reactions October 18, 2019
This is the strange image over the doors of a nearby church. An angel preparing to beat the stuffing out of something or someone. There are consequences for actions.

This morning I saw that Hemant Mehta of the Patheos column The Friendly Atheist beat us all to the press by exposing that hate preacher Steven Anderson is now officially banned from the 34th country. It is New Zealand this time.  He’d been planning on visiting soon on one of his nag everyone into accepting his cult views trips he calls “Soul Winning” What is interesting to note about this is that it seems when Quiverfulls, like Zsuzsanna and Steven Anderson, the Duggars, the Rodrigueses, the  Wilsons, the Pearls and the others get enormous pushback they claim to be persecuted. Instead of what it really genuinely is, logical outcomes determined by their own bad behavior.

There are a pile of people on the Quiverfull radar right now all experiencing natural consequences to their words and actions. As well there should be. Actions/words have consequences, and should have consequences no matter who you are. You would not expect to kick the snot out of a fully loaded buzzing angry hornet’s nest without expecting to be stung, right? Then why do these folks all expect there to be zero consequences for their behavior? It isn’t even in the Bible they claim to follow.

Recently Steven’s wife, Zsuzsanna, post this hideous tidbit about what she thinks AIDS sufferers should undergo on her Facebook page.

You know who else tattooed people to identify them as different from everyone else. Adolph Hitler during World War II. He had all Jews, Gays, Gypsys, Mentally ill and others he considered unfit once they were in the concentration camps. Is that really something we want to emulate for any reason?

So between antics like this, and the many times Steven Anderson has called for the execution of Homosexuals it stands to reason that other nations would ban him.

Steven is literally reaping what he and Zsuzsanna have sown. Hey! That IS Biblical!

One of the other things I’ve seen this week is a pile of people on Reddit comparing the Jill and David Rodrigues children to the photos of the Turpin family children. In particularly the thinness of the children in comparison to the not so thinness of the parents.

Remember the Turpins? The California couple who was Quiverfull who kept trying to get a television show ala the Duggars, while starving their children, beating them, locking them up with chains, ignoring medical needs, educational needs and a host of other needs normal families provide for their children. Those people.

Why are strangers speculating on the possibility of children being underfed and neglected? Because the Rodrigues family, particularly family matriarch Jill Rodrigues has relentlessly promoted her family via social media and everywhere else. She’s also tried for years to get media interested in her family, and their own television show.

All this is starting to make me wonder if  a large part of the Quiverfull movement are prone to narcissistic behaviors. The relentless promotion of your family pitched to television and other media just strikes me as bizarre.

The reality, the consequences of promoting her children everywhere for Jill Rodrigues is that strangers are now picking apart the appearance of her kids and she is red hot mad about this, posting on Facebook referring to it:

Speculating over children isn’t something I approve of, but I get it. It happens because of the actions of the parents. The Rodrigueses are hardly alone in this. How many Duggar family friends now have television shows?

Add in various tantrums recently of Lori Alexander, Tim Bayly and Douglas Wilson and it’s pretty easy to see that this “Demonic persecution” they all claim is merely the natural consequence of their words and actions. If you are going to promote outre outlier theology you’re going to get some negative feedback.

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