The Benefits of Being a Housewife

The Benefits of Being a Housewife November 24, 2019

This is a series of posts made by a quiverfull patriarch that were posted by  The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander. What do you think of his thoughts on why being a housewife is always better?

A few very short thoughts that strike me upon first reading.

1 – Homemade pancakes and dumplings are better? They only take a half second longer to make that using pre-made mixes. This is a no brainer, and does not apply. It’s more powerful to have the funds to decide if you’ll do it from scratch, pre-made, have a cook do it, or go out and eat. THAT is the real power.

2 – If your child is in school, like they should be, no matter if you stay home or not you’re not going to be right there micro managing all their relationships. There is something positive to be said for teaching your children how to get along with others and navigate on their own.

3 – Oh please! Just try working a job that requires constant information upgrades, learning new systems and information all the time. Much of what a housewife does daily can be done on autopilot, thinking about having a glass of champagne with *insert celebrity crush here* and going to the beach while folding clothes.

4 – Clearly this guy does not know or understand that knitting used to be an exclusively male occupation, with guilds and apprenticeships. Some men still knit, and they sew!

5 – Your husband LIVES in the same household. Should he not also contribute to the upkeep on the home?

6 – And how is a woman supposed to do all this Facebooking and facials if she’s cooking from scratch, hovering over the children and constantly cleaning and gardening while knitting?

7 – Oh please! Clearly this guy has never discovered Amazon, or any of the shopping services that brings your groceries to your home or car! Shopping isn’t so time consuming any longer.

8 – Again, this is another one of those things you can simply hire someone else to do, or do as you feel like it.

9 – Not a real issue. But then again it is in Quiverfull because some folks have the tendency to pop up on your doorstep at any time being nosy or out of food (true story!)

10 – Clearly that man is a bad man and he does not ever want to hear from a wife except for a stream of inanities spilling forth from her lips like a naughty child. This is not a marriage, this is a parent child relationship.

11 – HE drives HER, a grown women fully capable of driving, to her FEMALE MEETINGS! There is just too much wrong with this to even start picking it apart.

This man does not need a wife, he needs a semi-child domestic slave, or a sex robot that irons sheets and cooks. Much of the supposed ‘self-care’ he’s babbling about I see much  fewer housewives doing and more working women. Working women have the money to do things like spa days, FEMALE MEETINGS, and massages.

So much so wrong it would take too long to unpack! “Babbling”? If I started ‘babbling’ to my husband he’d haul me off for a brain scan because he would know there was something seriously wrong with me. That is not good communication skills in a marriage…

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