When Old Geezers Are Envious of Youth Pastors

When Old Geezers Are Envious of Youth Pastors December 12, 2019
Figures Doug would hate surfing. Likely because it does not involve sitting on your ass pontificating while eating potato salad. Photo from Facebook

Checking in with Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog and it’s a festival of oddities. There has always been an element of freak show about Wilson. He still envisions a world where the 1850s, where uppity brown people and those rascally gays know their places (according to him!), where happy slaves take care of their white folks, woman have no voice, and the pastor rules everyone. It’s a happy fantasy of Doug’s that will never happen.

I have been watching and reading the snippets of Doug’s book called “Evangellyfish” that seems to be nothing more than a Roman a clef where Doug throws shade at everyone else in the church world. So today I’m going to be posting a few clips from the series that are so revealing to the state of his faith being more hate based and not so much Christian faith, but faith in his own self.

You fall off your board you got bigger problems many times than sand in your trunks. I’ve seen some gruesome surf injuries living in Costa Rica. I used to surf, now I get to watch others younger than I surfing. This analogy only works if you know zero about surfing, which is Doug since it cannot be accomplished from your La-Z-Boy recliner. Any surfer worth a darn knows his or her limitations, knows which waves aren’t worth the risk, when to press forward, when to back off and, sometimes, when to ditch in mid-ride. Surfing and youth ministry ‘waves’ have little in common beyond being able to read the signs of what is happening.

More Doug tossing not so witty bon mots as what he imagines youth culture is like with no real knowledge of it. Skateboarding, men with earrings and droopy pants have been trendy for at least thirty years now.

What an outstandingly silly book! Does Doug really think that is all what the more modern youth pastors do? If that’s the case please explain the hideous wave of older Evangelical pastors busted for doing what Doug posits above?

He’s blaming trendy youth pastors for the ills that cut right across the board into all spectrum. What do you expect from someone that married a convicted child molester to a teenager?

This just all reads like Doug Wilson is jealous of youth. He’s jealous of guys wearing earrings, of surfers and skateboarders, of trendy clothing. Not one thing about Christ or the love of Christ in his paltry puling.

Of course this all dovetails nicely with Lori Alexander’s claims today that you cannot let your children out of your sight. Both Doug and Lori like to create fear among their followers of anything different by claiming it’s harmful. Thankfully most people see right through the fear mongering.

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay good money to see Pastor Doug try surfing…

ETA: I am NOT saying that NO youth pastors molest the kids in their care. I just don’t think the rates are higher among youth pastors than anyone else in the clergy. There is something about the religious power dynamic that breeds abuse at all levels. Please do not read things into what I have not explicitly spelled out.

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