The Lori Alexander Microphone Drop Heard Round the World

The Lori Alexander Microphone Drop Heard Round the World December 11, 2019
Here, look at these very pretty Guanacaste Day dancers outfits I took several days ago at the shop that repairs my sewing machine in Liberia. Better than viewing that hateful face of Lori.

One of the most fun things about hypocritical and tattooed (Cyberknife radiation tattoo) toxic female cultural enforcer Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is her tendency to make nasty bold statements and walk them back. By later editing them if she gets pushback on the original statement. She does this almost as frequently as she blocks and bans any female that disagrees with her.

Yesterday was epic on so many levels. One of the reasons is that her toxic trash got pushback from a celebrity and pretty awesome Christian blogger. She just kept editing that piece again and again.

People sometimes come here and gripe that I’m writing about Lori again. But they don’t understand it’s merely because she is one of the loudest yet most ignorant voices out there in Quiverfull. Literally her entire ‘ministry’ is set up to bash others, make people feel bad about themselves, destroy their self esteem and tear them down. Ministries should be all about reaching people with the love of a savior, building them up to face the difficulties of life, not burdening them.

Okay so here we are with Lori’s original statement yesterday and two very good replies. First up is Christian blogger, and author Tim Fall on Lori’s original statement:

To me that was a complete and total mike drop! Tim called her out on her excreta, did it in a humorous way and pointed out her hypocrisy.  Interestingly enough Lori has not removed it, or blocked him. I guess that’s because he’s a penis possessor so he gets that free pass.

Next up, Jane Lynch of “Glee” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” just to name a few of her projects.

But we all know Lori never retreats, never apologizes and never explains, so Jane’s kind words will never be reacted to. I didn’t look, but I’m betting this has been pulled down and Jane Lynch blocked.

Then the editing starts.

She adds ‘generally’ because people were upset with her words that most or all women do this. Oh brother. Why am I sensing the heavy hand of viral virtual vomitus of one Ken Alexander here?

Many people theorize that Ken does most of her writing, but I doubt that seriously. Ken is in love with piles of words when only a dozen or so are necessary. Plus Lori’s writing style is distinctively different than his. It was never more obvious than a few days ago when Lori posted a piece written about Sheila Wray Gregoire of To Love, Honor and Vacuum that she said she and Ken had written together, but it sounded not at all like either of them.

This morning, another edit:

Another version of the same thing. Why? The other ones seem to be down now.

On another celebrity giving someone with very bad ideas pushback I had to laugh at Chrissy Teigen’s words to Stephan Molyneux and his statement and speculation on the possible fertility of Taylor Swift. How is it any of his business. Lori loves Molyneux and extensively quotes him many times.

One of the more awful things about the words of people like Stephan Molyneux and Lori Alexander is the terrible frighteningly violent followers they attract, who take every word they’ve written and extrapolate it out to the worst conclusions.

Thanks to the ladies on various groups on Facebook that catch all these terrible screen caps while I’m still fumbling around with my coffee.

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