Everything Christmas is Demonic But so is Deliverance Ministry!

Everything Christmas is Demonic But so is Deliverance Ministry! December 10, 2019
Awwww! Does this guy look ‘demonic’ to you? If so you clearly have problems.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!  It’s that special time of the year when Evangelicals and Fundamentalists lose their minds and say they’re somehow being stopped from celebrating their holiday by Starbucks cups and people not saying their preferred greeting. The Mercedes company might say it’s the season of giving, but from here it looks more like the season of verklempting. And you thought people were upset over that goofy Peloton ad (as dissected by The Young Turks along with other bad Christmas gifts.)

Found this lady late last night through NLQ friend Bruce Gerencser. He’s quoted a little bit of this woman, Beth, saying that Santa was Satan. She completely ignored the fact that Santa Claus in his more modern incarnations is descended from Catholic saint, St. Nicholas, who did work a pile of miracles, was known for his devotion to children and gift giving. All good things, not demonic like this Beth claims. Bruce happens to look a little bit like good St. Nick too. Not a bad thing.

As I read through Beth’s piece on why Christmas symbolism is  Teh Evilz I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. A few selections:

What the creamed corn on crackers did I just read here? Is anyone really worshiping ‘Baby Jesus’? This is one of those outrageous claims without one teeny-tiny grain of truth. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, it’s hard not to think of a tiny baby when celebrating the birth of the messiah, the whole darn shooting match the entire religious is based upon.

Lady, what did a silly old tree ever do to you?

So the tree is a Pagan symbol co-opted by the religion. Christianity has always done this, taken the things or the world or other religions and incorporated them into the whole Christian experience.

And what is so wrong about sharing special times and reminiscing with family. Not a thing.

Funny that the author does not mention one of the ills of Christian Christmas that does need to change, the mindless rampant consumerism and all the ills that proceed from that. Has she seen “What Would Jesus Buy?” It changed our family mindset on the entire process of what Christmas is and what needs to happen. Shorter version, fewer more meaningful gifts and spending special family time together. I know, I know, i keep bringing that film up.

Looking at the rest of this woman’s blog is even more disturbing. Remember last week when I was posting uneducated self-blaming pap from the Set Free Ministries claiming to heal depression with deliverance ministry?

Yes, this woman is one of those Evangelicals, she runs some sort of toxic shame it, name it, blame it ‘deliverance ministries’ and is not shy about blaming many things that have nothing to do with demons on demons.

This is what happens when you have a gullible, very uneducated and quite frankly, not very smart group of people. You get these types of ministries pop up, where they claim to be setting people free, but are actually perpetuating the problems of others by not referring them to get complete physicals from their doctors and legitimate help from licensed counselors. They take on the idiotic conceit that they know better than people with years of training and state oversight, and people die.

Ministries like this routinely convince bipolars and schizophrenics to toss their lithium and depacote for prayer. Eventually the wheels come off the bus because this type of therapy is very inappropriate  for mental health sufferers and people land in an even deeper pit of despair.  Unmedicated, filled with the self-loathing promoted by people like Beth, and at the nadir of pain they many times end up killing themselves.

This is a type of ministry with a body count.

Remember I spoke of my husband and I being told that the other one was cheating at that Wilmington, North Carolina deliverance ministry even if it wasn’t true? I think about that one a great deal. If we hadn’t have been married for many years, trusted each other, and knew each other well that information would have killed our marriage stone cold dead. Another series of deaths connected to these ‘ministries’

The Beths of this world like to rant about the enemy coming to steal, kill and destroy, but he does not even have to lift a finger. Beth and pals are doing it on their own just fine without demonic help.

I am beginning to think the  only way to shut down this nonsense is by doing what M. Dolan Hickmon suggested doing to the spanking ministries recently. Sue them for the damage they do. I do know now that some people are starting to do that, sue these deliverance ministries for the damaging snake oil nature of what they do. The real life damage they wreak on hapless people in pain. The place Jim and I went has had to change names three times now due to law suits filed against them over the damage done by their deliverance ministries.

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