A Girl’s Virginity is a Father’s Possession?

A Girl’s Virginity is a Father’s Possession? December 9, 2019

Creepy Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles never met a forced sex scenario he didn’t like, unless it takes something he considers his. Like a daughter’s virginity. He thinks it’s his possession, like the car, or a bank account, to sell, or grant where he thinks fit.

No, Larry, no, back, back! (imaginarily whacking the heck out of his nose with a rolled up newspaper like a cartoon dog) Bad Larry, bad Larry!! Virginity is merely a social construct.

No one owns anything to do with another independent living breathing human being! Slavery ended back in the 1860s in the United States. This is one of those ideas that should have died with it.

Women are not ‘property’. You cannot legally own any part of their being. Not their virginity, not their bodies, de nada! What Larry is pushing here directly contradicts the U.S. Constitution and established law on the matter. People cannot own other people without violating laws against slavery.

If a woman decides to stay a virgin until death or sleep with everyone in the Chinese Red Army it is fully not the business of anyone but her and those she issues sexual consent to. Not her father.

Interestingly enough his entire piece is decrying the evils of prostitution because it’s always a sin in Larry boy’s eyes. Which opens another big old can of Larry worms.

Larry approves of pornography, but not a sex worker getting paid for sex. Does he not realize that those people participating in pornography are not sleeping with their spouses and they are getting paid? Two big no-nos in the simplistic horny world of Larry the hairy man.

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