All Your Hard-Earned Money Belongs to Him?

All Your Hard-Earned Money Belongs to Him? January 4, 2020

Fake check from a Nigerian scammer. Debi would faint at the site of all those zeros.

It’s that time of the year I look forward to, the roughly six times a year when Debi and Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy ministries publish their magazine of the same name. Today’s piece is interesting in that Debi Pearl says one thing about a single woman’s money and then Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife misunderstands what’s been said.

Sorry, there’s be no more reviews of Debi’s book ‘Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity’ until Amazon ships me a replacement for my 3 month old Kindle that just died.

This month’s No Greater Joy magazine is interesting yet again because there is only one article written by Michael and it’s a very old one. Everything else came straight from the pen of Debi. Here we go! We start with one of those very suspicious letters that seem about as real as the fake check above.

Hmm, someone admitting that not all husbands in this belief system are good or responsible? Are we sure this isn’t someone baiting Debi?

So Debi does not advise the lady that she needs to consult what the law is in her state, which vary greatly. In some states that money would still be considered the property of the wife, not the husband. There are some places that put everything owned by both partners into a community property status. Being in a community property state it might be better to go ahead and do a prenup if the sum is large enough.

That this story of Michael abusing Debi’s possession, her car? Terrible, abusive, disrespectful and everything else you can imagine. No husband should ever be treating a wife’s car this way, tearing up a financial investment no matter whose name is on the title of the car. But not surprising after the tale of Michael abusing Debi multiple times during the honeymoon.

No Debi! Lots of young men are not going to tear up a wife’s car on a stupid immature whim. Just Michael!

This sounds like a sensible approach listed here. Talk it over, agree and proceed. Heaven forfend! Debi’s making sense here.

Another not so bad way to handle things. Here’s what I am not understanding about Debi and all of this. Both of these scenarios rely on the couples talking it over, communicating, coming to an agreement, something that is frowned upon in Debi’s world. Something she would never attempt with Michael. There’s not kowtowing to the petty juvenile wants of a man-child like Michael Pearl.

Ah here it is! That shaming and blaming of women for having any sort of needs that the Pearls specialize in. I knew it was too good to be true with Debi advising sensible solutions.

And then Lori Alexander completely misunderstands what’s been said. This is in response to part two of the article involving a father’s covering and financial help, but it seems very odd and could fit with either piece. It comes from that infected pustule of a private chat room of Lori’s. Her dirty deeds done dirt cheap place.

You know what Lori’s response would be to the money thing. A girl has no right to work outside of the home and if she does she should immediately give the man her money. Jesus wept.

Does this mean that Lori is starting to disagree with her idol Debi Pearl?

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