Pretend You Love Him and You Will – Debi Pearl Misunderstands Brain Chemistry Yet Again!

Pretend You Love Him and You Will – Debi Pearl Misunderstands Brain Chemistry Yet Again! January 7, 2020

Remember our recent bout of looking at Debi Pearl’s poorly written, badly researched and simplistic book “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity”? We covered a chapter where Debi misunderstood and misrepresented what neurotransmitters do. Today she’s back at it again, this time in a baldly barely disguised advertisement for the book in No Greater Joy magazine. Ugh, how many more months will Debi flop this brain dead horse in an attempt to sell more than a hundred copies on Amazon?

Debi is claiming that love is a decision that we act upon and this action drives the neurotransmitters to release love chemicals. To put it very simply it’s like you thinking “I love him” and your  brain releasing a flood of endorphins and you finally feel the love.

That’s not at all how any of this works!

Debi labels this piece ‘How to make Love Potions’ very deceptively.

You know what is rubbish? Saying that if you decide to love someone it forces your body to generate the chemicals to make it happen. This does not take into account the very real issues of attraction, actual chemistry, compatibility, and too many factors to list here. It’s a complex physical, emotional, intellectual dance to reach that place of love.

This is the garbage thinking people stuck in hateful abusive relationships spout. They are stuck, trying so desperately to convince themselves and others that they are ‘In LOVE’ instead of admitting it’s a complete and total mismatch that should never have happened in the first place.

This is another example of Debi completely ignoring established science and trying to make something fit  her stupid narrative. Vasopressin has been linked to pair bonding…..IN VOLES…. not in actual human beings. The primary function of the hormone is to control the liquid levels in your circulatory system, helping with blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy. It plays a role in stress and maternal health.

While it can be helpful to banish negative thinking this is not at all how neurotransmitters work! They are not released by thoughts but by actions of the body. Here’s what I said back in that idiotic chapter on neurotransmitters:

“Again, this is not how it works, this is not how any of this works!! Your body releases or does not release neurotransmitters because of signals in your body, not merely because of emotions. It’s just that simple, you exercise hard and your body responds by releasing dopamine, noradrenalin, endorphin and cortisol. No emotions required! This is just another way to shame people for having feelings and emotions!”

This is so not true. Your feelings and emotions are yours. They do not do things like Debi is claiming here. It is possible to feel love for someone and be irritated by something to do with them without even revealing to them that you feel that way. Feelings do not multiple like Tribbles or rabbits. There’s no scientific proof for anything Debi has said here.

This is complete and utter codswallop! What Debi is describing here sounds more like some significant Stockholm Syndrome more than marital love. Remember all there recent passive aggressive pot shots Debi has taken at Michael in her other  articles in this month’s No GreaterJoy magazine? They alone put lie to her claims of love and wanting always what is best for her husband.

I don’t know if Debi Pearl is starting to experience some form of dementia or age related possible brain problems herself but everything about this book is awful. I don’t understand how someone can look at scientific studies and come to the exact opposite conclusion as the trained scientists running the studies.

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