Don’t Find Yourself?

Don’t Find Yourself? February 28, 2020

Doug Wilson never met a bad idea towards dehumanizing women he didn’t embrace.

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  • kilda

    translation: if you give up on the idea that your feelings matter, and on the goal of being happy in your life, you’ll be….well, not happier….less disappointed?
    more contented? No that’s not it. Less of an annoyance to the men around you. That’s it.

  • Saraquill

    I’m sure they’d be happier if he, the Pearls, Lori etc. shut up

  • bekabot

    But if women go off tonics, what will tonic-sellers sell? (See, it’s like the insurance problem, only smaller.)

  • Tammy

    From my experience in the church the use of the word “professing” is a way of saying that the people that are being discussed, in this case the wives, may not really be Christians. Some people are referred to as “Christians” others are referred to as “professing Christians”.

  • Aloha 2

    There you got it! This is much less about the woman’s happiness and all about the man’s happiness.

    “Just forget about yourself and focus on pleasing the hubby.”

  • Mimc

    And they wonder why do many of us say “no thanks”.

  • AFo

    Sounds to me like I should avoid the husband and just focus on myself.

  • NoOne of Consequence

    I know I would be and I’m a straight, white male so my opinion matters! Oh wait, I’m not Christian so it doesn’t. Well, pewp.

  • persephone

    My guess is the prescription for benzos9 his wife has been relying on has gotten too expensive and/or she’s spending way too much time sitting and humming instead of washing Doug’s unmentionable.

  • Friend

    Which medications are wives supposed to give up? Statins? NSAIDs? Chemo?

  • Whitney Currie

    At a guess? Birth control.

  • Whitney Currie

    Honestly, Doug here has no idea how little I care about his opinion. My husband loves me for who I am, and if I were to suddenly start ‘submitting’ the way Doug here thinks I should, my hubby would haul me to the therapist so fast my head would spin. If that’s what Doug wants in a wife, that’s fine; but my husband wants an equal partner, not beast of burden in human form.

  • persephone

    That’s the best choice.

  • Jennny

    My husband’s family has in it some females who are highly intelligent, have doctorates, one of them graduated top student in all of her degrees. So why did god bother to give these women superb brains if he just wants them to wash dishes and scrub floors? It makes no sense. Aren’t we supposed to use the gifts god endowed us with for ‘his glory’? These women use their gifts for the benefit of their fellow humans in their chosen professions – and in being good wives and mothers at the same time. Come and join us over in 2020 sometime, Doug, come on in, the water’s lovely!

  • Karen

    No, we definitely do NOT want Doug Wilson over here. All of his female church members, however, should abandon him immediately. I would pay good money to watch his church fall apart once women quit.

  • Karen

    Actually his wife and daughter don’t need benzos because they have quite lucrative careers as writers and public speakers lecturing other women on the need to be the flattest, greyest doormats possible. Wilson and his family are gigantic lying hypocrites who don’t follow their own rules.

  • Jennifer

    Wait, Jankovic’s career is that lucrative?? Uuughh.

  • Jennifer

    Does he have any bros?

  • Whitney Currie

    Sorry, nope. One sister, and she’s spoken for.

  • B.A.

    Probably anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medication too. You know how these fundies see mental health issues as being weaknesses from the devil.

  • Jennifer

    LOL Oh well, thanks!