Racism Drives Quiverfull – Nancy Campbell Really Fears Brown People

Racism Drives Quiverfull – Nancy Campbell Really Fears Brown People February 11, 2020

Screen cap of the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen burning to the ground. We need to tolerate these female cultural enforcers about as much as Dany did the Dosh Khaleen.

As all of you know I’m stuck in an internet-less wasteland, rereading my old “Game of Throne” books for amusement. No tv, no internet, not even access on my cell phone except when I break down and go into town to eat and access the internet.

I have come to the conclusion that Nancy, Lori, Debi et al really want to be the Dosh Khaleen-like in GoT – the older hags who rule unchallenged in Vaes Dothrack. Older women who have all of their least words taken as the laws of God, or Gods..

Looking through Nancy’s recent doubling down on motherhood postings she’s started to bemoan yet again the lack of white babies being born. The Wall Street Journal did a recent article on the lack of babies being born and suggested what’s happening in other countries, immigration to make up the lack, and to provide the proper ratio of people to pay taxes and be care takers for an aging population. Nancy reacted in a predictable fashion.

Here’s the part of the article that Nancy chose to quote:

“Demography is the key factor. If you are not able to maintain yourself biologically, how do you expect to maintain yourself economically, politically, and militarily? It’s impossible. The answer of letting people from other countries come in … that could be an economic solution, but it’s not a solution of your real sickness, that you are not able to maintain your own civilization.”

Nancy never states in her reply, but she has said it many times at her site, to the point where its just one of those unspoken things. Nancy does not want immigrants, or imported babies. She’s stated it several times because of it being a non-white immigration.

Make no mistake. This racism is the driving force behind Quiverfull theology promoting having as many babies as possible. Good old fashioned American racism. Which is rich because Nancy is an immigrant to the United States of America.

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