Racism Drives Quiverfull – Nancy Campbell Really Fears Brown People

Racism Drives Quiverfull – Nancy Campbell Really Fears Brown People February 11, 2020
Screen cap of the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen burning to the ground. We need to tolerate these female cultural enforcers about as much as Dany did the Dosh Khaleen.

As all of you know I’m stuck in an internet-less wasteland, rereading my old “Game of Throne” books for amusement. No tv, no internet, not even access on my cell phone except when I break down and go into town to eat and access the internet.

I have come to the conclusion that Nancy, Lori, Debi et al really want to be the Dosh Khaleen-like in GoT – the older hags who rule unchallenged in Vaes Dothrack. Older women who have all of their least words taken as the laws of God, or Gods..

Looking through Nancy’s recent doubling down on motherhood postings she’s started to bemoan yet again the lack of white babies being born. The Wall Street Journal did a recent article on the lack of babies being born and suggested what’s happening in other countries, immigration to make up the lack, and to provide the proper ratio of people to pay taxes and be care takers for an aging population. Nancy reacted in a predictable fashion.

Here’s the part of the article that Nancy chose to quote:

“Demography is the key factor. If you are not able to maintain yourself biologically, how do you expect to maintain yourself economically, politically, and militarily? It’s impossible. The answer of letting people from other countries come in … that could be an economic solution, but it’s not a solution of your real sickness, that you are not able to maintain your own civilization.”

Nancy never states in her reply, but she has said it many times at her site, to the point where its just one of those unspoken things. Nancy does not want immigrants, or imported babies. She’s stated it several times because of it being a non-white immigration.

Make no mistake. This racism is the driving force behind Quiverfull theology promoting having as many babies as possible. Good old fashioned American racism. Which is rich because Nancy is an immigrant to the United States of America.

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Friend

    I’ve been hearing about these breeding1 c0nspiracies my whole life. White folks (like me) are always the targets1 of the breeding1. It’s funny, though… over time, the population that’s out to get “us” has changed. It used to be the Catholics trying to outbreed1 the (white) Protestants.

    All of this is so ridiculous. Societies change over time. Big deal1.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    “It used to be the Catholics trying to outbreed1 the (white) Protestants.”

    Alleged especially against the Irish and Italian Catholics.

  • Kevin R. Cross

    Look at the ‘Yellow Peril” propaganda from the 1880’s and 90’s.

  • Saraquill

    What are you scared of Nancy, being an ethnic minority and treated as such? That would be justice.

  • I guess that her lousy experience with ‘Orphan Fever’ sent her back to the old position of folks like her that adoption just invited problems due to ‘generational curses’ of another family to bring new varieties of sin into the fold. Why don’t they just come out and say that anything different than their preference is evil? Why even try to defend it if it’s so pervasive. They are tribalists, pure and simple

  • AFo

    I can never get over how damaging this is to kids: “You were born to help outbreed scary brown people help ‘good Christians’ like us fulfill our mandate to God!” Either way, the child is hearing that they were born as a means to an end, not out of love and the parents’ desires to be parents.

  • More proof that White people are afraid that they’ll be treated as badly as they’ve treated POC.

  • Mel

    A friend of mine taught Adult ELL and also worked in the Newcomers (helping students with disrupted educations + limited English proficiency get used to high school) while she was working on her Masters Degree.

    She made a great poster titled “When Did Your Family Become White?” that showed the definition of “white” has changed over the years so that people who were Irish or Italian or Armenian became “white-enough” followed by “white”.

  • Friend

    She might actually be afraid of minorities. Growing up, I had family members who were absolutely terrified of anybody who wasn’t white. Scared to drive through “that neighborhood,” as if people would come streaming out of their houses to attack1 them just for being white.

    Fact is, most folks are sophisticated enough to notice not just skin color but behavior too. I’m often the only white person, and/or the only US-born person, in a store, restaurant, etc. It’s just… not… a… problem.

    I appreciate being one human among many.

    Of course, it helps not to be a total jerk1. I don’t know what Nancy is like, and she might not be pleasant in real life.

  • Friend

    One nice thing about the genealogy b00m is that people are discovering things that used to be easily hidden or stoutly denied.

    Slightly OT, I talked with one woman who was incensed because an African American heritage group wanted to put her old family homestead on a map of places where enslaved persons were buried. “We never had slaves!” she exclaimed.

    So I told her there was a will online that listed several slaves, by names and ages, among the bedsteads and tables and livestock. She responded, “I never looked at any wills!”

    This was in Connecticut.


  • NoOne of Consequence

    Children aren’t people to people with this kind of mindset, they’re property. I heard a lot of similar rhetoric in LDS communities, too. You’re here on Earth as part of The Plan, you exist to do your part, your part is what we tell you. You are not important, only The Great Work! Ai ai, Cthul… wait, sorry. Mixing up my preferred religion with the one from my childhood again.

  • Aloha

    I noticed that all her kids married White people. Maybe that’s not too impressive, but she had a lot of kids, and still, no inter-racial marriages.

    Same is true for the Duggars. But there are a few non-Caucasian Q-Full families.

  • Jim Jones

    Nancy does not want immigrants, or imported babies. She’s stated it several times because of it being a non-white immigration.

    Unless they can be kidnapped from a broken country.

    The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption by Kathryn Joyce”

  • Jennny

    I wrote before, that the deluded Mrs Rodrigues blogged pics from a plane window as she flew over the Rockies, kind of wide-eyed, in case anyone has never seen being above the clouds in a plane before. She said it proved it was a lie from satan that Earth is overpopulated..between the clouds, look at all the space down there on the snowy hills at 14,000feet!

  • Jennny

    Kind of on topic, I see it as a (supremacist-inclined) backlash to rescue adoption. Us-ians (mainly) were told they weren’t True X-tians if they didn’t adopt a few years ago and churches helped folk to raise the huge sums involved in going abroad for rescue adoptions***…so I used to read blogs where they did that and came home with up to 4, often severely handicapped kids at a time!!! I do wonder what’s become of these kids, they are now nearly adult, the 24/7 care they need is for life…what will happen to them when parents can’t do that? The family’s bio-siblings will have their life choices strictly limited…they will have to take over that lifetime care. Added to that, many won’t have had proper therapy or medical care for their behavioural/medical problems caused by the traumatised start in life that they had. And we all know a lot, like the Campbells, just disappeared – or even killed – their traumatised little ones. So now the child is traumatised again, brought to a foreign land, not knowing the language, and if they have learning disabilities, poor function to learn it..and then they are re-homed or re-institutionalised again. My heart bleed for them.
    ***I read how some churches wouldn’t allow foreign adoptions cos satan might enter your home and others that insisted you pray long and loud over your new adoptee and burn their clothes or any comfort toy they brought with them. Heads should roll for the damage rescue adoption societies did to so many—while they made many $$$$ doing so.

  • Nea

    Bear in mind that Nancy and at least one of her daughters have done rescue adoption only to find that the people they “rescued” were inconveniently people with their own wants and needs.

    Also bear in mind that at least one of those adoptees disappeared. Not just was “sent back to Africa illegally” but “don’t know where they are” disappeared.

  • Friend

    I would guess that most QF families, uh, happen to associate only with other white people. The pre-QF family I knew openly spoke out against equality.

    Wish I could find the article… I recently read that most Americans still have most of their friendships within their ethnic/religious group.

    If folks live in a county or state that’s 90% one group, they might have limited opportunities to get to know people from any type of different background.

    Lack of exposure to people outside a tiny, rigid community is a problem. I’d say it’s compounded if parents adamantly bar their kids from dating someone of a different religion or ethnicity.

  • kilda

    I personally think that Latino people are in the transition to becoming considered white. It’s already listed on legal forms as an “ethnicity” not a race, and as Latino people begin to take on greater and greater numbers in the US, the white majority will eventually decide to consider them white rather than accept the idea of a nonwhite group being such a large segment of the population.

  • I remember a few families that adopted children from Haiti when Doug Phillips of Vision Forum fame made sport of things after the earthquake that wasn’t quite a decade ago. Several Baptists ended up in jail for trafficking children, not different than the Orphan Fever/Child Catcher scenario that Kathryn Joyce has documented for us so well.. One family adopted two older school-age boys, and they ended up in the foster system because they didn’t want to become full on fundies. I was heartbroken and didn’t follow their sagas. I wish I had at least kept some screen shots. That family in particular kept a blog and even renamed these older kids which I found troubling, but they deleted it when things when sour for them. (I don’t know that they ever went that well.)

    It seems that if adoptees are not brought up with the “child training” systems of corporal punishment that many QF families use, it just becomes a new source of trauma for them. They don’t seem to all turn out to be Hannah Williams or Lydia and Zariah Schatz, but how would we find out about them?

  • Yeah, I’m sure that Nancy doesn’t feel a bit responsible for those outcomes, either. Bad seeds and bad apples all.

  • I’ve driven from South Texas to the Oklahoma panhandle, straight up through West Texas. I guess we made the trip after they did some controlled burning, and we drove for hours with nothing to see but charred, flat, desert-like, barren open country with no water. We only knew that we were making progress because every 45 in or so, we passed a few mobile homes with a gas station, a Dairy Queen, and signs announcing for miles in advance that there was a litter barrel for trash disposal coming up.

    That’s not exactly any kind of place that anyone in their right mind would want to raise a happy, healthy family. It’s also prime snake and scorpion country.

  • Plexus can’t fix that place.

  • Nea

    I’m sure she feels very bad about the outcomes… in that the outcome made her preaching and her “I’m the perfect mommy” facade look very bad indeed.

  • mad2002mad

    CK…so right you are…I spent a summer at Ft. Sill, OK before going to Vietnam and it was the most desolate country I had ever seen. Still recall the rattlesnake warnings and looking at those large beasties buffalo and long horn steers, as well as the warnings about getting too close. Yet every weekend some tourists?? would end up getting gored!! Guess they wanted that upclose picture. If Nancy and her fellow travelers are worried about the USA becoming a majority brown country in 25-30 year, perhaps we shouldn’t tell her that in all probability in 50 years the USA will be a majority Spanish country with Spanish–not English–as the primary language. Get the smelling salts….Nancy has the Vapors!!

  • Jennifer

    Not surprising, racism can be anywhere.

  • Jennifer

    Some people aren’t worried about skin color, but traditions going away. I doubt English will anytime soon. It’s perfectly possible to welcome migrants without losing our country and Nancy should keep in mind that many Spanish families are Christian.

  • Jennifer

    Hah, that was the name of the villain. And you know what’s funny? When Joyce (the author of the Child Catchers book) published her FIRST book, it was a big revelatory piece about QF theology describing numerous Vision Forum folk; Doug Phillips threw a hissy fit and compared her to the child-catcher (because she was anti-QF I guess?) Then she went out and wrote a new book about his 1repulsive kind of people, with the name much more aptly applied to them.

  • Astrin Ymris

    This is why QFs hate both abortion rights and contraception. All white people must be breeding, whether they want to or not! They’ll be happy to adopt any “racially valuable” babies and raise them to be future Dominionist voters. We’re so close to being ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in real life now. 🙁

  • Mel

    We’re already doing that in some kinda ironic ways. Take the sporadic wailing about the loss of English as the only language in the US because some people speak Spanish.

    That’s totally a historic whitewash; obs, the majority language in the US was historically various Native American languages followed by Spanish, followed by Dutch, French and English.

    The current ironic whitewash is that we’re prioritizing Spanish over the various native languages that are alive and working in swaths of Mexico, Central America and South America.

  • Saraquill

    Not really. Indigenous and Black Latinx people exist, and I doubt they’d get included. Besides, the “ethnicity” thing dates back to America stealing parts of Mexico in the mid-1800s.

  • Mel

    Well, let’s see.

    The Bauchams were both fairly famous and ran in the right Vision Forum circles. Their oldest son seems to have disappeared – or just started life as a real adult without his father’s smothering ways – and Jasmine married a nice guy that she’s raising a family with. Her VF besties AnnaSofiaAndElizabeth Botkin recommend reading Rushdoony’s “Institutes of Bibical Law” which includes a totally Biblical section on why interracial dating is immoral.

    So…good enough to be friends with, good enough to use Jasmine’s much more natural interviewing skills to sell a video – but not good enough to marry.

    We can’t forget the Rodrigues. They’ve got three problems. The main issue is that they’re of Hispanic or Spanish descent which is still viewed as not being white like the correct NorthWestern European stock. The second issue is that they are a reminder of how poor most QF families really are – and no one likes the ghost at the banquet especially when your kids or grandkids will likely end up in the same financial straits . The third issue is that Jill is the most obnoxiously obvious and oblivious social climber I’ve seen – but would that be an issue if her girls had blonde hair and blue eyes?

  • Saraquill

    I’m Indian. The fear comes from the thought new people will treat them the way current people treat us, up to and including cultural g3nocide.

  • HematitePersuasion

    That amuses me tremendously, but yes, that is exactly who popped up in my head.

    Aside: I presume that the edit to my comment was because the Patheos filters are determined to protect us from classic movie titles? Or did I mistype that in the original?

  • HematitePersuasion

    I suspect Ms Campbell’s towering righteousness allows her to ignore petty little details such as outcomes or that other persons might presume to judge her on anything but superficial appearance.

  • Mimc

    Even with no integrates traditions are going to change over time. You can’t expect the next generation to have the exact same priorities as your own. And some traditions just aren’t worth saving (see abusive initiation rituals)

  • Friend

    To clarify/amplify, folks in the North have not faced the legacy of slavery1 in their own past. It’s convenient to point to the old Confederacy1.

  • persephone

    I found one ancestor so far in Virginia who owned slaves. The census was taken when she was in her late 50s, and it reported one older man about the same age, and a boy about 12. My skin crawled when I read it. They appear to have been the only inhabitants of the home, so it’s possible that they were purchased to take care of her with her family gone. I don’t know. I can only guess. Still very upsetting. My ancestors never owned estates or plantations, so I had comforted myself with that.

    Surprisingly, my DNA test said that I’m about as Northern European as you can get.

  • persephone

    Nancy has done under the table adoptions of children from Africa. I’m sure she’d be in fear in a POC-majority neighborhood, but the attitude is much more saving the savages9 from He9ll while looking Christian and using them as sl9aves. She probably is in fear of having those children come back to make demands.

  • persephone

    It’s not just the fundies. The editor of Mother Jones tweeted the question of why there aren’t meadows and forests being planted between the Sierras and Rockies. Really, she did. I follow her. Had to explain about desert, Sierras pulling much of the moisture from storms, and how the Basque settled there because their sheep could manage to live on the scrub where cattle couldn’t.

    I’ve seen people online pointing out all that green land in highway medians and next to highways and how it should be cleared and farmed. Uh, yeah, good luck with that. I’d like to see you run a combine down the median, after you manage to get it across the highway.

  • persephone

    The Trump wall builders are destroying NA burial grounds to install the wall. Seizing it under 9/11 related laws.

  • B.A.

    That was the Child Snatcher.

  • persephone

    The families have often moved to states that are relatively low in population and high in ignoring child abuse and neglect.

  • Friend

    Not eating median-grown vegetables. Nope nope nope.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    It was the “Bang2Bang2” it objected to.

  • Meurig ap Gweirydd

    I’ve never understood why anyone thinks outbreeding ‘the other’ is anything but the stupidest idea ever. All it does is put an unsustainable strain on local resources, leading to hunger, poverty and wars.

  • Jennifer

    Unless you’re QF, most people get that.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my gosh..I remain astounded at the obliviousness of these people. I’m sure if you asked them, the Botkins would simply say there are sections of the book they disagree with. But then, Rushdoony is pretty much considered QF gold.

  • HematitePersuasion

    Thank goodness for Patheos filters! I would never have known that

    Chitty Chi⁠tty Ban⁠g B⁠an⁠g

    was so offensive!

    I just thought it was catchy …

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I know what they are doing is trying to cut down on the spammers but it’s pretty silly. It catches words like Womb2 and Uterus2. It’s hard ot discuss QF without those words.

  • persephone

    Nancy only had six, so she’s kind of lazy in the QF department. She still did the African adoptions to have slave9s to help her with the house and garden. She definitely has never practiced what she has preached.

  • Delta

    I don’t understand how you could look at the current state of politics in the US and conclude that white USAmericans will soon deem Latinx people “one of them.”

  • Delta

    If BelieeeefNet is still banned, I don’t buy the claim that it’s about stopping spammers.

  • Allison the Great

    That’s how you know you’re in Texas, there’s always a Dairy Queen in the middle of nowhere. I have lived here all my life.

  • zizania

    I’ve driven several times between Edmonton, Alberta, and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Once you get a couple hundred miles north of Edmonton, it’s pretty much nothing but a two-lane highway with evergreen trees on either side. Unless you’re prepared to live as the semi-nomadic Indigenous people have done for thousands of years, I don’t think you’re going to want to build a suburban estate in the muskeg. (One thing I remember is the signs announcing “Dust-Free Passing Zone”.)

  • Nightflyer

    In another thread, me and my pals had to deal with an extremely Catholic incel nutball who intended to procure his wife from Quiverfull.

    I guess he didn’t realize that Quiverfull is EXTREMELY Protestant.

    This guy was extremely misogynistic — he’d call female opponents “sweetcheeks” and “babycakes” — and seriously believed that slavery was a good thing.

    His career as an internet troll ended when he got into a drunken argument with his apartment roommate, went back to his bedroom, started cleaning his rifle, and fired a shot through the wall that nearly killed the roommate.

    He did six months in clack and now has a felony record. He doesn’t go onto the web and insult women and blacks anymore, either.

  • Nightflyer

    Well, if you eliminate contraception, then white families can raise a baseball team of “Aryan ubermensch” for Donald Trump. The oldest son takes over the family’s peerage and title, the second son goes in the Army, the third in the Marines, the fourth in the Navy, the fifth into banking or some other business, and the sixth into the clergy, the usual place for the idiot of the crew.

    The daughters are all married off to appropriate husbands to spend their days in the drudgery of the kitchen (if lower class) or presiding over society dinners and balls.

    Sons and daughters who tell their parents that they’re gay or have met someone from the “wrong side of the tracks” get booted out the door and find the locks have been changed.