COVID 19 Demonic Plot to Hurt Trump?

COVID 19 Demonic Plot to Hurt Trump? March 20, 2020
Screencap from the Insane Clown Posse song “Miracles” because they are making more sense than Colin is here. “Effing magnets, how do they work?”

I was wondering how soon it would be before the usual crowd of Quiverfull commentators would spew some rancid and comical conspiracy theories. Colin Campbell, husband of Above Rubies Nancy Campbell does not disappoint. He makes some rather insane claims on his site that sounds like gay porno “Meat For Men”

Things have been going so well in our country with a president who is, without fail, fulfilling all his campaign promises. He has already delivered us from so many flawed and restricting policies from the past administrations. The stock market was at all-time high and the list of so many blessings could fill this page.

However, the power of one “evil report” of a single virus has brought almost everything in the nation to a screeching halt. President Trump is now urging all gatherings over 10 people to cancel for the next 15 days. Cruises are canceled. Workplaces and schools are fast becoming locked down and under quarantine regulations. Whole nations and cities are closing. Travel to overseas countries is almost over (for maybe the next eight weeks).

Dear Colin, the stock market was being artificially manipulated for some time now. There were warnings in the bond market that a recession was on the way for the last 18 months. Smart investors understand how the bond market has been predicting this for some time. It does not have a damn thing to do with Trump.

The only effect that Trump had was by cutting the corporate tax rate, allowing businesses to buy back their own stock, sending the market into overdrive, yet not adding traditional value to the stocks. This is how the market got unfairly manipulated upwards without real value.

Also, there are some pointing to the suspicious behavior of two Senators very likely engaging in insider trading, dumping their entire stock portfolios right before this recent downturn. Hows that Republican morality working out for you Colin?

Those “Flawed and restricting policies” involve pretty much trashing the planet. Again, how is it moral to rob, rape and destroy our planet? None of the policies he put in place benefits anyone but millionaires. I somehow doubt Colin is a millionaire.

The sheer comedy of all of Colin’s supporting Trump is all the nasty things he said about Trump before the election.

The only positive I can attribute to Trump is that he cut the taxes to zero on foreign investments. But that is only a personal positive, it’s a negative for most folks. I paid no taxes last year, I got a refund for the first time in many years, but I would have rather paid taxes to make sure that everyone is fed and has healthcare.

But I am reminded of my grandmother’s tales of the Great Depression,  her family losing their entire fortune during the Wall St. crash. She had two brothers who committed suicide during that time. From riches to rags overnight. We are seeing a version of that right now.

Then he pivots towards prayer, prayer and more prayer as the only way to protect against this. Not one mention of social distancing, washing your stupid hands, hand sanitizer or literally any other solution suggested by the CDC and WHO.

“Fear is one of the devil’s main advocates and even when things are going well fear is often so close to the surface that it doesn’t take much to trip the wire and we have a whopping explosion. This is what happened in Numbers, chapters 13 and 14. Read the story again.

Instead of talking fear, all of us who call ourselves Christians should pray. Really? Yes, start praying. Pray individually. Pray as families. Currently, and in the immediate future, you can’t be involved in so many things that have taken your time. You now have time to pray with your families. Maybe God is giving us this time.”

Le sigh.

Betting both Nancy and Colin think that all they have to do is guzzle colloidal silver and blow dry their nostrils. Stay well folks.

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