Jill Rodrigues Breaking Ohio’s Mandatory Stay at Home Order

Jill Rodrigues Breaking Ohio’s Mandatory Stay at Home Order March 28, 2020

You may or may not know that Ohio’s governor issued a “Stay at Home” order for all people not considered ‘essential’ starting last Sunday. Meaning if you’re a fireman, or a grocery store clerk, or a nurse or any of the professions on the list you go to work. If you’re an off-key warbling revivalist trussed up in loads of polyester and makeup while shilling Plexus you should stay home.

But like a bacterial load on a hot salami sandwich Jill Rodrigues went out today to preach, and handle babies. Ignoring all social distancing rules, and the law in Ohio like a potential Typhoid Mary.

Jill may claim that the “Stay at Home” order does not mean churches too, but I am seeing nothing on the website discussing the order that indicates that churches are exempt.

All three of these adults are breaking the law, and risking the health of not just that tiny baby, but any elderly or sick people they may be around in the future. This is utterly hateful to do in this time when squashing the illness curve is crucial. Irresponsible, uncaring, unloving and dangerous.

The governor of Ohio begged churches in a social media statement to not meet, to use streaming services and technology only. Churches are NOT exempt from this order! If David thinks  he read something exempting them from their responsibility to isolate then perhaps he needs reading lessons.

Then Jill tries to justify holding a conference last weekend when many places and churches had the good sense to close their doors and offer internet only meetings and services. Followed by Plexus shilling. It’s still illegal to make health claims about Plexus combating any illness.

Last week when they did the conference Ohio was not under the “Stay at Home” law. Now they are.

It is a fact that one of the women at the conference has since tested positive for COVID 19. Jill has been exposed, but she’s holding babies, going door to door, going to Walmart, possibly exposing oodles of people.

I mistakenly said it was Jill’s kids who were sick now. It’s actually her sister’s children, who were ill. I do not know if the kids were at the conference, but let’s be real here. None of these people can afford a sitter for their broods, which go everywhere with them.

That’s quite the little crime spree there, Jill.

Jill and David Rodrigues are rumored to have run from West Virginia to Ohio because of CPS and some of the newer homeschooling laws. If they keep acting like this they may face something more serious than a simple CPS investigation. Some states are prosecuting people for trying to infect others, ignoring quarantines, and risking the health of others.

Who would Jesus infect? Hopefully no one, He’d have sense enough to stay home. Worship God or not, but do it legally from a safe distance. This is no plot of Satan, or liberal media. It’s a pandemic with a dangerous virus that spreads easily during close contact.

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