Open Thread COVID 19 – Rodrigues Family Spreads Disease, Duggar Censorship, Derick Dillard Tattles and More

Open Thread COVID 19 – Rodrigues Family Spreads Disease, Duggar Censorship, Derick Dillard Tattles and More March 28, 2020

I, umm, altered the photo to express the reality of this particular press conference. Everyone to a man, even Dr. Birx, spent more time brown-nosing President Trump than addressing the global pandemic. That’s just so wrong!

Today’s post is a hot mess of many different things, some COVID related, some not. Donald Trump finally signed into law the stimulus package that will be providing money to many out of work Americans, to the medical community and to industry in an effort to keep the stock market from tanking more. Who knows if it will work? Dow Jones will be opening first thing Monday morning, so we’ll see soon enough though I suspect this will be like putting a bandaid on a corpse.

Just have to note that I watched the press conference where this was announced and it was a sea of boot-licking, brown-nosing, derriere-Frenching nonsense instead of a serious discussion of the problem of the pandemic. We are doomed, held hostage to a thin-skinned blowhard that must be continually praised like the silly king in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” No real adults in that room.

Okay, political rant over. Do you know what the Rodrigues family has done during a pandemic for a deadly disease? While their new home state put a shelter in place order in effect? That’s right, a religious conference to promote Jill’s disabled sister’s book.

What is interesting to note about the conference is that at least one of the attendees ended up diagnosed with the Coronavirus mere days later, meaning the entire conference was a stew of contagion. The Rod kids and others from the conference are sick according to Jill Rodrigues social media. No word on if it is COVID 19.

But Jill and David Rodrigues are continuing to spread Coronavi.. er.. joy.. eemm.. tracts in the meantime. This was posted on their social media. Notice the lack of nitrile gloves and masks and the fact that they were going door to door during a plague…

It does not matter how carefully the baggies were loaded with gloves. If the person handing them out is not wearing gloves and WAS exposed to the Coronavirus all you are doing is spreading disease in the name of Jesus. Remember, the virus lived for over 17 days on hard surfaces on one of the cruise ships.

Onto the Duggars….

A curious situation has developed over the last few days. Remember former Patheo’s author Katie Joy of the defunct blog “Without a Crystal Ball”? She’s now moved on to doing YouTube videos instead of blogging. She recently interviewed Duggar-adjacent cousin Amy Duggar. The interview was live and up on YouTube for a mere few hours before it was suddenly pulled.

Shortly afterward Amy tweeted about  being “Silenced” It looks very likely that family patriarch/control freak/enforcer Jim Bob Duggar may have threatened her legally, or maybe even Katie Joy. People who heard the interview say that nothing negative was ever said about the Duggar family. Very curious.

Then it all gets very much more curious. Yesterday Katie Joy spoke of her recent discussions with Duggar in law Derick Dillard. She shared what Derick had to say and it just confirms many of the rumors about the Duggars through the years. It paints that same patriarch in the worst light possible. Jim Bob Duggar moves beyond control freak in this interview.

Worse than this virus.

I know for a fact that what Derick says about Jim Bob handing out legal threats like candy is true because I have been the recipient of a few of those over Duggar photos in the past. Thank heavens for screen caps and my own photos! Coming face to face with old Jim Bob at the book signing, telling him who I was and watching his face fall into a frown as I walked away laughing was one of the sweetest things ever.

Guessing Jim Bob hated these memes:

Aren’t screen caps wonderful?

Wonder how much of a legal fit Jim Bob threw when Mad Magazine named Josh Duggar one of the worst persons of the year?

Here’s my question. What type of mental distress or dysfunction do you think is driving all of this extreme control freak nature? What’s going on here?

And finally, we wrap up with a coda to a piece earlier in the week. Remember Ken Alexander whinging on about feminism being worse than COVID 19 and the flood of horrible guys with MRA leanings that carried on about the vileness of women? Turns out it was not just random weirdos that were being taught by his wife Lori Alexander.

Ken has a men’s group. called “Men of God” and he is the admin. Like Lori’s secretive roach nest this one is also tightly buttoned up. But just like Lori’s group there are trolls in it, spilling the largely uninteresting tea in it. Turns out Ken specifically asked his perpetually petulant members to comment on the post. Makes me laugh, and fits with the time Lori begged her supporters to put up reviews for her book even if you had not purchased or read it, in violation of Amazon’s policies.

If you have to beg for support it’s likely your cause is pretty substandard.

Special for my stalker: No, I am not a member of “Men of God” because I do not lurk under fake names to troll people. Nor am I going to waste a drop of sweat or brain cells fighting with you. Finito with you troll no matter what you post in the comments here or on Twitter.

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