Poor Old Harvey Weinstein Unfairly Convicted?

Poor Old Harvey Weinstein Unfairly Convicted? March 4, 2020

There are rarely days when I’m gob-smacked into shocked silence upon reading the words of a Quiverfull enforcer. Yesterday’s idiotic piece warning about cell phones just made me laugh. Lori Alexander’s increasingly meaner and less sane words make me shake my head, but Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles manages to shock me today with his words hating on the emergence of the “Me Too” movement and his defense of a well=known convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, the same Harvey Weinstein there’s been rumors about his sexual predations and a cast of thousands for many years. Mr. Casting Couch who sums up the worst criminality and lack of morality of Los Angeles film culture. This is whom Larry is crying over.

Did Larry look at his likely unneeded Zimmer frame and sob at the tv that they were picking on a sick old man? Or fall apart when he heard of Weinstein’s panic attack post conviction? No, his problem is both simpler and more complex than that. He objects because he says Weinstein wasn’t “Biblically” convicted. There were not the two separate witnesses corroborating the incidents he was convicted of.

“But from the 1980s onward, in any case of a sex crime, the burden of proof was transferred from the accuser to the accused. The only protection left for those accused of sex crimes without corroborating evidence was that most juries would still not convict people for sex crimes without corroborating evidence even though the law no longer required it for a conviction. This is why in most cases prosecutors would decline to prosecute people without corroborating evidence.

The Weinstein Verdict has now broken this legal precedent and many other precedents. Two women accused Weinstein of rapes than occurred more than a decade ago. The defense proved from emails they consented to meeting with Weinstein to have sex with him many times after the supposed rapes occurred. They said they only did so to further their careers.”

Laws changed in the wake of our tsunami of sexual assault allegations. What Larry is protesting here is that rape victims are no longer legally drug through the mud during the trial. The laws of our nation have slowly changed as most people have woken up to the reality of the prevalence of sexual assault.

Thankfully it’s always been a violation of U.S. Labor law to force, influence or lean on someone to have sex with you if you supervise or outrank them in an organization. This is one of  those situations where consent can not even begin to play a part. There can be no consent in these transactional sexual encounters where women have sex to keep or obtain a job. It is a crime. Weinstein broke the law over and over again.

This is not even taking into account the literal dozens of women who came forward with awful tales of Weinstein’s years of sexual abuse.

Larry quotes Forbes magazine, saying that the silver lining is that more companies will not hire women, and managers refuse to be alone with them.

“Reluctance to hire women joins a long list of behaviors at work that have been negatively impacted by #MeToo. Research from and SurveyMonkey last spring revealed that a whopping 60% of male managers were uncomfortable participating in common, job-related activities with women, such as mentoring, working alone together or socializing together. And the Pew Research Center found 51% of employees reported feeling that #MeToo made interactions with the opposite sex at work harder.”

Larry does not realize it yet, but this really is a good thing for women and the “Me Too” movement. Why? Because as this shakes out and people, men really, start to realize that the rules of polite society have evolved this silly demeaning rape culture behavior will die off. Go by the wayside. Women will be able to work without threat of sexual assault, or advance, and men will have to start treating women they work with as fully functioning equals. Too many women work, and work well, for this to cause a wholesale disappearance of women from the workforce.

“So, let’s see. MeToo has made it harder for women to get hired, and for those women who already have jobs it has made it harder for them to get mentored by male coworkers and thus climb the corporate ladder. Metoo has also put a huge damper on office romances and on the hookup culture.”

About those office romances. In most places they are forbidden already by corporate policy. This isn’t new.

As my wonderful Cajun father used to say in his blunt and crude way “You don’t buy your meat and your bread at the same place.”

Now, that’s not so true now that we have supermarkets on every corner, but back in the past you got the meat at the butcher and the bread at the bakery. The point of that saying, which I heard him spout a number times during his career in banking, is that you do not fish for romantic partners at work among your coworkers. There are lots of good reasons why this would generally be a bad idea. Issues of rank, superior/subordinate relationship, and the messiness of what happens post-breakup.

I’ve seen it work, but it’s rare, it usually just complicates things in professional settings. Not that Larry would actually know anything about professional settings or work environments since he is self employed doing computer work.

Larry cites the Pence rule about never being alone with a woman you are not married or related too by the end of the piece.

It’s pretty clear here that the main thing giving Larry pause here is the notion that women do not ‘owe’ men sex. Not ever, not in any way. That consent is a real thing he’d like to see done away with. Larry can pretend all day he’s only concerned by justice and bringing all women back into the home, but the reality is that Larry loves rape culture. This is a guy who thinks it is perfectly fine to physically force a wife to have sex when she does not want it, and caps it by saying don’t look at her sinful crying face. Larry promotes rape culture in his words.

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