Women ‘Human Instruments of Temptation?’

Women ‘Human Instruments of Temptation?’ March 18, 2020

One thing is sure right now, the Quiverfull Christians are taking their theology in some strange fear-mongering places because admitting you are scared somehow runs contrary to what they think faith is. Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is no exception.

It’s normal to feel at least a little fear and concern during this COVID 19 pandemic. It’s healthy to admit it. It’s not healthy to direct it at others without any role in the thing you’re really worried about.

Larry makes it clear yet again that he hates the word and the notion of consent in this piece.

He rattles and rails on about how he hates that environmentalists can tell us what cars to drive and food to eat. He’s annoyed that “Feminists” and “Liberals” will not allow his hateful vile type of speech in their spaces. This little bit makes me laugh because it sounds like old Larry is having a meltdown over the idea of Bernie Sanders running for president:

“Socialist humanists have no problem with governments controlling wealth distribution by engaging in theft of private property from upper and middle economic classes and redistributing that to lower economic classes. “

We’ve all seen Larry’s home. He’d likely benefit greatly from the very thing he’s upset about. But this isn’t how Democratic Socialism works at all. This is Larry targeting his fears in the very wrong direction, upset that those he opposes have control over him, yet he has no control over much.

But then this turns into all woman blaming and male controlling now that Larry has mentioned his personal boogiemen under the bed.

“The reality is that humanists don’t really have a problem with themselves exercising a great amount of control over all elements of society. They just don’t want to submit to God’s order or control in their lives.”

The truth of the matter that Larry refuses to consider is this control he’s whinging and whining about is for the betterment of all society, not just a few weak wimpy white guys like him. What parts of the Bible say we shouldn’t have clean air and water, educate and feed people, make sure everyone has health care? Much of what these people he’s complaining about are doing things that Jesus seems to be all into.

“And this is why humanists utterly hate and consider evil the control which God called men to exercise over the lives of their wives in Genesis 3:16…”

No, Larry, they just do not see a master slave relationship like he does.

What Larry espouses does not even come close to the marriage relationships described in the Bible.

“In the same way that God has ordained husbands as human instruments of sanctification in the lives of their wives, sin attempts to use wives as human instruments of temptation in the lives of their husbands. We see this in the very first act of sin committed by Eve when she gave Adam the forbidden fruit.”

Adam could have said ‘no’ but he chose not to. Adam is responsible for his own damn decision to eat that fruit. In Larry’s world men are all powerful and controlling, yet so damn weak that they cannot resist whatever slight temptation. In all reality there is no woman rushing about trying to tempt men into sin. It is their own decision to do the wrong thing.

But then it gets really nasty, and Larry’s last sentence shows his real intent. He’s upset he cannot legally force his wife or any other woman to have sex with him.

“But humanists have a big problem, a colossal problem, with any one trying to exercise any control over the “personal” decisions of women. Nope don’t go there. If women want to have all kinds of sex with different men outside of marriage men better just shut their mouths and stop “slut-shaming” women. And if women want to murder their unborn babies in their wombs, often a result of their whoring around, no one can control that. If wives want to commit adultery with other men there should be no negative consequences or shaming of such women. If women don’t want to have sex with their husbands, men better not coerce them into having sex in any way otherwise that is “marital rape”.

But God calls men to exercise control over their own sin natures as well as well as the human instrument of temptation that sin often uses, which is a man’s wife.”

Dear Mrs. Larry. Please step forward, please charge him with marital rape, because it’s obvious from his vile words that’s what’s going on in your household in Michigan. You don’t deserve this type of abusive treatment from anyone.

Larry is an abuser that wants to be able to legally abuse. He’s out of luck.

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