Demonic Video Games Are the Problem, Not COVID 19 – Open Thread

Demonic Video Games Are the Problem, Not COVID 19 – Open Thread May 20, 2020

Screencap from YouTube. How can you hate Picaku and Ash and pals?

Today I went back to take a look at Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies and a pile of other cultural enforcers like Doug Wilson, like the Pearls and others. A curious thing. Not one word to be seen about COVID 19. What is Nancy talking about? Pokemon and other video games stealing your child’s heart from Jesus. Same old, same old. Diferent day, same spittle.

It breaks my heart that the majority of “Christian” children today know more about their video games than they do of God’s Word.

Dearest mothers, what do you want your children to be filled with? Do you want them to be FILLED with the truth of God’s Word or are you happy for them to be captivated with Pokémon and social media that consume children today? What are the standards you have for your children? If you want children who are totally consumed with a passion for God, you can’t allow them to be consumed with the worldly games of today. I guess it comes down to the question: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

A Christian man recently wrote: “I personally have been in churches that were supposedly ‘filled with the anointing’ and watched the children in the seats in front of me playing Pokémon and dungeons and dragons while the parents ‘worshipped God’.” They must be consumed with it to be doing it in church. The sad thing is that many Christian parents are now consumed with social media themselves!

This won’t turn this nation around to God. How can this be happening in such an hour of desperation?

Bolding is mine. This is the only reference Nancy Campbell has made to the worldwide pandemic that has killed so many. The United States is closing in on 90,000 deaths of American citizens, and this is the sole reference to this for over three weeks? Actually, I just looked at the ‘official’ numbers and we stand right now as I write this at 92,333 confirmed deaths from COVID 19. Plus a million and a half confirmed cases.

These are just the ones we know about. I think it’s likely the real totals are much higher after hearing the Trump administration has throttled testing to keep the numbers down. The pressure put on Florida Medical Examiners offices to list COVID cases as other cases of death mixed with the likely asymptomatic folks means the genuine numbers are likely much high.

Yesterday we saw John Piper burying posts on COVID 19 after resistance to his idea that sexual preferences had anything to do with the virus. Now everyone else seems to be in lock step agreement not to talk about it any longer.

If there is any point we should be discussing the ongoing crisis it should be now, when it’s obvious that many states are reopening without any real plans in place to deal with the likely rise in cases. So much misinformation floating around about masking, or even preventing the disease. It does not help that our own president, Trump, seems determined to ignore social distancing, masking, and is now said to be taking hydroxycloroquine as a preventative against medical advice. 

This is particularly dangerous considering the side effects of hydroxycloroquine seem to be so serious. Blindness, heart palpitations just to name a few. A leader should lead the way, do the right thing, not ignore science and set the worst of examples for the American people.

Here’s the other thing that frustrates me with Nancy’s going after video games yet again. The first wave of serious video gamers are now  women and men in their thirties and forties.  The majority of whom are now responsible adults, not living in mom and dad’s basement worshiping Satan, continually playing video games while scarfing down frozen burritos and Jolt cola. Working jobs, adulting like champs and confining video game playing to their off hours. Let’s lay off the video games are demonic rhetoric that has no basis in reality. Even Jesus Himself needed times of rest and refreshment, as do we all. How we chose for that to happen varies, and video games can be a valuable part of that.

Open thread. Talk as you will.

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