Don’t You Want to Decorate With a Huge Fearful Banner? Open Thread Covid 19

Don’t You Want to Decorate With a Huge Fearful Banner? Open Thread Covid 19 May 9, 2020

Would you hang this ninety dollar piece of fear mongering over your sofa or dining room table? Screen cap from YouTube

This morning I was considering writing about Anderson Cooper and his new baby boy Wyatt Morgan Cooper. Some of the people in Evangelical and Fundamentalist circles are upset that he dared have a surrogate carry and birth a baby for him.  How is this any different than others using reproductive technology, like it is rumored that one of Quiverfull’s cultural enforcers daughters had to do?

It’s not, families are families, parents are parents, no matter how that comes together. Congratulations and happy sleepless nights to Anderson!

Screencap from YouTube

But when I started doing a little digging on the story I ended up at Michael and Debi Pearl’s website No Greater Joy. I knew that Anderson had interviewed Michael years ago about his child abusing advice. I wanted to see if Michael was chewing the scenery that an openly gay man dared use reproductive technology to have a child.

It’s interesting to me to see anything Mike Pearl is up to now since his stroke. Particularly in light of the fact that Michael went to one of the many places that claims to heal stroke after effects with stem cell therapy. While the NIH has seen some small benefit to stem cell use in rodent brains post stroke, the studies on people have not worked out well. They had to stop one study when the patients actually got worst.

These stem cell clinics aren’t very legal, use unproven treatments that do not even remotely work, that fleece desperate people out of their money.

It may be that eventually that this is a good effective treatment for a variety of things, but researchers say we are years away from that point. Brave new world.

The scariest thing of these illegal treatments is that no one knows what the long term will be. That’s why it’s interesting to me every time Michael Pearl pops up in videos, or suddenly supposedly writes a piece for No Greater Joy that sounds nothing like him. We can see first hand what the long term will be and it does not look good.

A quick aside. Yesterday’s announcement of Jim Bakker’s stroke by his wife is the only confirmation of it and she seems to be blaming the federal government coming after Jim for selling his silver snake oil. No telling if he has genuinely had  a stroke, or is just laying up pouting than the government spanked him again for financial chicanery. I guess we will have to wait and see if he ends up at one of these snake oil stem cell clinics getting his own fat shot into his brain.

Do dah do dah, smurfity doo

It’s disturbing that one of the most puzzling aspects of COVID 19 are the strokes linked to it in relatively younger people without any stroke risk. Another piece of the mysterious puzzle that is this illness.

Back to the Pearls. Since Michael’s stroke we’ve seen an increasing busy and strident Debi Pearl hawking any number of strange off things to keep their ministry afloat, culminating in that awful book “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” I found out curious in all her brain babbling in a book written after the stroke that she never once mentioned stem cell treatments for strokes and very little about strokes. Our review of the book is here.

Since there I was, on the Pearl’s site, looking to see if Michael might sound off on gays and families this curious thing met my eyes. Leapt out from the main page. An ad for a banner for the low, low price of 89 bucks of a painting Michael did years ago about END TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! and the Book of Revelation.

Michael is now trying to link End Times and the Book of Revelations to this current COVID 19 worldwide pandemic. He is now claiming he saw this years before. He’s also hawking an “End Times Bundle” too at a cheaper price for all your fear mongering end of the world needs. Fits right in with  your Jim Bakker end of the world food buckets.

Clearly there is a lot of fear out there without these folks whipping it up even more. So many items are sold out at Bakker’s store right now.

This is something I am starting to see more of in the States, more of the naked lustful money grab in the name of fear. Just a quick glance at the ads on the Miami television stations shows me all sorts of secular companies trying to make the grab. Car companies offering to drop that sweet new ride at your door with no payments for months. Health care products pushed as the solution. Lawyers offering to sue places for failing to protect you. You name it.

What’s the worst exploitative of the COVID 19 crisis that you’ve seen yet? Mine would have to be an ad for a denture company in South Florida.

For your COVID amusement, a taste test drive of Jim Bakker’s food buckets.

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