Feminism Has ‘Changed’?

Feminism Has ‘Changed’? June 29, 2020

All out of Emergency Kittens to combat the toxic. Here’s an Emergency Doggo who just wants to eat your food.

Ran across this new blog some time ago and kept meaning to share it. It’s another contender in the scramble to be head cultural enforcer race as Lori Alexander, Debi Pearl and Nancy Campbell start to age out and become increasingly less relevant. This lady is Stephanie Malcolm and her blog and Facebook page are “Training Keepers of the Home”

Stephanie is not quite as demeaning as say Debi Pearl, but she’s close. Recently on her Facebook page she went way out of her way to claim that none of us should have any self esteem apart from Jesus. Using the same flawed reasoning as many high demand religious organizations.

Here’s what I do not get from this toxic message I’ve seen shared around over and over like the lone prostitute on a pirate ship;  do they genuinely think that it’s not possible to know you are unique, wonderfully made and of value? It says you are in the Bible, and it seems to me that just by that God does not have a problem with you having self esteem, knowing your own worth. But this is not about the love of Jesus, this is pure control, control methods and gas-lighting followers to exploit them. Even if the poster is unaware of it.

Her site has also been futilely tilting at the windmills of what she terms ‘feminism.’ What I find fascinating about that is that unlike many other’s trying to scale cultural enforcer mountain Stephanie seems to think that the original stated goal of feminism, to offer equal choices and equal pay to women is not so bad.  But, she claims, feminism has changed from that to some soul destroying and man devouring, with consequences like this clip from season 4 “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” episode ‘Party Monster: Scratching the Surface’

Among her cutesy flowers motifs there are some very ugly and false words in ‘A Gentle and Quiet Spirit’:

“The truth is that women are biologically wired to depend on a man. We are unable to have a child without a man and most women really want to become mothers, have a husband for themselves and father for their children, and the protection and companionship that goes along with that.”

Not everyone feels that way, and that’s perfectly fine. Nowhere in the Bible does it order women to marry and reproduce. Not even the complementarian’s hero Paul. Paul touts singleness. More Biblical Twister partying going on.

“Feminism makes a mockery out of a man and his leadership position in the home.”

As we showed yesterday there is all sorts of leadership that goes on in marriages, and the role of leader shifts from partner to partner based upon circumstances, expertise and need. Women that shout the hardest about being under a man’s leadership are usually the most dishonest and manipulative of the bunch.

“Feminism has increased the number of abortions and allows many others to feel justified in their reasons for abortion”

Statistics say otherwise. Abortion rates the last time I checked, and in publications crossing my desk, have fallen from an all time high. Rates now are lower than the rates in the 1930s when abortion was illegal, unsafe and there was virtually no birth control available.

“What feminism was and what it is now are drastically different. It is more than equal pay, the right to vote, or job opportunities for women.

 I am referring to modern feminism who demoralizes and disrespects men, mock mothers who want to stay home, and preach that all of our daughters must go to college and that without a career they have no self-worth.”

It’s pretty clear that Stephanie Malcolm has fully bought into the rhetoric cynically promoted by Phyllis Schlafiy starting back in the 1970s. Schlafly only turned to the movement to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment after failed political runs in the Republican party, attempts to be a valid part of the conversation on nuclear armament and influence over the Republican party. Schlafly was well to do, with a housekeeper and others raising her children. She was in no way, shape or form a simple stay at home mother. Only pivoting to support the notion of stay at home mothers when the Republican party refused to take her seriously or allow her a real seat at the table.

So now we have our Loris, our Debis, our Nancys, and now our Stephanies who have bought the political lie as completely as someone buying into Plexus or Amway. No real hope of it benefiting them in any way, but with dreams of riches and glory.

“You are considered weak if you are quiet, but as women, we don’t need to stand in public holding a picket sign to get our point across. There is no need to yell or become carried away as feminists often do.”

Yes please! Be quiet and stay home. Let the adults hash out the injustices while you iron and whatever it is you do.

She trots out the tired illustration of the Umbrella of Control image with Jesus on top, the husband right below. In her version the kids get an umbrella too, instead of being ignored in Bill Gothard’s version. Curious, she never once mentions Jesus in any of this. No Jesus.

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