Using the Internet to Tell Others the Internet is Evil?

Using the Internet to Tell Others the Internet is Evil? June 22, 2020

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I know I said we’d not mention her name, because we don’t wish to keep inflating her narcissism and martyr complex, but this is simply way too much irony to leave alone. This morning Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife posted the words of a troll (at best.) Who knows if she didn’t just conjure this up to make a point?

She resurrected something she’s already posted about, that we’ve written about, that has suspect origins the first time. Lori has missed twice now that this isn’t a genuine news article, it’s a fancy advertisement, an advertorial to sell this service to the fear mongered masses worried about their children being cyber diddled by a stranger.

Lori must be completely out of ideas because lately all of her posts are either sourced from someone else without acknowledgement, or straight up lifted. I saw something she posted several days ago where she straight up plagiarized someone else and got called out for it.


Today Lori is making the specious claim that she was contacted by someone claiming they are de-converting children through her various  social media outlets. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think:

“I work with an organization that helps children leave fundamentalist Christianity and embrace secularism, feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. I am thrilled to inform you that we have had a lot of success reaching out to – and successfully converting!! – teens by going through the Facebook pages of your Facebook followers and reaching out to their kids. They’re so grateful! Every time you comment, we rescue more teens from your toxic ideology. Thank you so much for helping us find them!”

I think someone’s openly messing with Lori. Someone who is a ‘strong Christian’ as teen is not going to be swayed easily by a bunch of online agent provocateurs. Still, it is an interesting thought. But please do not troll Lori, I would hate to provoke a heart attack or stroke in her because someone decided to toy with her.

Simply put there’s no need to troll her. Her theology is enough to create huge doubts in people and they fall away. We’ve seen it time and again, particularly when Lori goes into something she has no real knowledge of, or does an extreme flip flop, like she did yesterday about John MacArthur.

Wasn’t she just praising this same man the other day over his stance that Christians were not to take action in issues of racism, Black Lives Matter, or anything to do with social justice in ensuring equality for all races? Would publicly criticizing a male preacher rate as being unsubmissive? Or teaching men? She just cannot keep what it is she actually believes straight, and when people realize that it tends to drive them away in droves.

Heaven weeps. She’s still in her chatroom promoting racial discord, hatred, and now claiming that COVID 19 is how the government plans to put the mark of the beast on all citizens. Ken, please get her mental health help and soon! This is not normal behavior, but the ravings of a paranoid.

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