Steven Anderson Faithful Word Baptist Church Teen Abuse Crisis

Steven Anderson Faithful Word Baptist Church Teen Abuse Crisis July 3, 2020

Updates from last night. I have seen parts of the chat log and photos of some of the victims. Not publishing photographs, names or parts of the chat beyond what I put up last night. We have no wish to re-traumatize the victims more than Steven Anderson already has by banning the victims and their families from his church. Anderson seems to be in full blame the victims mode. His three eldest sons are allegedly involved.

I keep running into the question “What are Steven’s wife Zsuzsanna Anderson’s role/feelings/words/behavior in this??” and I have to say we just do not know. But there are allegations of quasi-illegal and immoral behavior too.

There are from Barnish’s Facebook time line. There are rumors that Zsuzsanna has leaned on various people to try and make this all go away. She had harsh words when Josh Dugger was exposed as a molester and cheat. She called for the death of perverts. I understand that tendency when it is your own children in the wrong, but it does not make it right. Particularly in light of the fact that at least one of her sons involved is of legal age.

Solomon is 18. There is at least one other young man over legal age involved, a man by the name of Josh Thompson. The same sort of sexualized chats with minors we’ve seen captured, arrested and prosecuted through NBC’s show with Chris Hansen “To Catch a Predator” Chris is still chasing internet criminals on his YouTube channel “Have a Seat” This would make a good subject for Hansen.

Everyone also asks about Solomon’s courtship that was announced a few years ago. That ended without any word why. Internet rumors are that Solomon was possibly abusing the girl, or that her parents were asking to see the church’s financials. Whatever happened it is a fact that Steven Anderson threw the entire family out of his church, ending the courtship.

One of the other actions I’ve taken is to reach out to Shawn Barnish, ask him to talk to us about what has happened. I have nothing but compassion for the people of Faithful Word Baptist Church caught up in this struggle as victims. Many other church members, like Adam Gessler above, have reacted abusively to the news, blaming Shawn, trying to shoot the messenger bringing news of pastoral wrong doing, just like in every other single high demand church that starts falling apart. This is typical cult behavior.

When I reached out to Shawn I incurred the stupid wrath of a number of Anderson supporters like Maria Nico and Laura Fritz, fuming obscenely that anyone dared write about the internal happenings of a church. It’s news, it’s likely criminal news, and Anderson is a notorious public figure. When your personal church is listed as an organized hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center people are going to be interested. You cannot promote yourself as a public persona and not expect the world to turn a blind eye to the actions you take. He, and by extension they, are naive if they think something this huge could be kept under wraps. Expect a lot of new candidates for Jerks 4 Jesus soon!

Anderson has other troubles looming on the horizon. He’s run afoul of YouTube rules and had many of his videos pulled down. He is now encouraging his deranged followers to repost the videos from their own accounts in violation of the ban. Too bad because his back handed response video to the allegations is titled “Loud Women”!

Back during the Josh Duggar reveal I wrote a piece for NLQ that I took a lot of heat for. People kept saying I was excusing and justifying what Josh had done. What I was trying to do was explain how the hyper modesty culture endemic in Quiverfull theology creates these guys with sexual focus and guys that view women as commodities. It creates the Joshs, the Isaacs, the Solomons, the Jimmy Swaggarts, and the like. It’s at play in this too.

More as this develops.

If you come here to defend the Andersons and cannot conduct yourself with respectful dialogue please expect you’ll be banned and deleted faster than Superman on laundry day.

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