Is Zsuzsanna Anderson Admitting to an Investigation?

Is Zsuzsanna Anderson Admitting to an Investigation? August 7, 2020

Just going to drop this one in without a lot of words. We’ve heard nothing we can confirm about the possibility of law enforcement or child protective services investigating the adult and teenage sons of Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson for their parts in possibly abusing teenage girls in the church. It’s been reported that parents and victims have contacted the proper authorities, but like everything squishy morally and possibly illegal in the world of Anderson there is dead silence. Much more so than during the fight between Anderson and Adam Fannin over issues of possible money thievery, the removal of Gimenez for his drugs and prostitution scandals, and the many times Anderson has called for the deaths of others he hates.

Anderson has gone out of his way to bury this and intimidate anyone talking about it like this:

He is talking to now former member Shawn Barnish here.

Punished like removing his son John Anderson from the home at the same time they all flew out to the Red Hot Preaching Conference? The same conference in Sacramento that is rumored to have a pile of COVID 19 victims? John is living now with Anderson’s father instead of in the family home.  Why John and not Isaac who was also involved as much, if not more than his brothers?

Funny, Zsuzsanna Anderson has advised people to lie to get out of wearing a mask. I’m guessing that did not fly with the airlines as well as it did at Costco.

Now Zsu posts this curious missive about using embroidery to defeat nerves while waiting for news over some complex situation. Hmm, I just wonder what that could possibly be. I think it’s likely it involves this whole disgusting situation of sexual abuse that went on at Faithful Word Baptist Church.

No, but I will pray justice is done for the victims. I know that no mother wants to see her precious sons jammed up in legal troubles, but.. if you sow the whirlwind, you will reap the whirlwind. There is no better example of how twisted people turn out when raised in a hate group than what has happened at Faithful Word.


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