QF Roundup: Timothy Rodrigues CD, Steven Anderson Ban, John MacArthur Covidiot and More

QF Roundup: Timothy Rodrigues CD, Steven Anderson Ban, John MacArthur Covidiot and More September 1, 2020

Yes, we have some COVID denial to talk of too. Stolen from Bruce Gerencser’s Facebook page.

This is a mishmash, a lot of happening. So instead a long post featuring one or two folks I’m going to touch on a little of what’s happening out there.

First, that take the abuse thing we shared yesterday of Lori Alexander’s ended up on just about every list, page, whatever that opposes poisonous theology and the responses swelled to over 90 and many pages of her supporters doubling down on it. Clearly it got to her because this was in the secret crazy roach nest this morning.

Someone is rather upset to be exposed I would say. Sorry, but abuse is abuse and she’s condoning it, makes her a second hand abuser. One day a woman will be killed for following Lori’s advice. Hopefully law enforcement will figure out her complicity in it, and charge her as an accessory.


Timothy Rodrigues has released his new CD for free on YouTube. I listened so you don’t have to. Some damn fine harmonic playing. Timothy should invest in vocal lessons with a professional. He’s singing too low a pitch from his natural voice, singing from his mouth and throat weakly, has no idea about using his diaphragm and should not be ever using melisma!  Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him? But seriously, why do people who aren’t very talented and not trained at all in these cult churches think everything they do is praise worthy? Jill is harming her children by her endless promotion of them like this.

If you are a glutton for punishment here it is:

In other Rodrigues news the Rods are continuing on with their plague rat ways, appearing at a Central Ohio youth conference with zero social distancing or masking.


The Anderson’s are upset. Seems at YouTube has sussed out a few newer names that Steven was lurking under after being banned again and again. They banned him anew, in the middle of a live stream. Now he has all new names/YouTube accounts. Just like roaches or dandelions, just when you think you’ve eradicated them they pop up somewhere else.

So now he’s using that to fundraise and try to stir up sentiment against YouTube. Apparently he still is in the pulpit of Faithful Word. I still smell a church jump from here due to the move.


Turns out that Liberty University has hired one of the best forensic accountant firms, and they are preparing to do a complete audit of everything financial and legal that happened under the leadership of Jerry Falwell Jr. Very smart of Liberty! This could spell big trouble and possible criminal charges for both Jerry and Becki. Stay tuned. We may find out where the money to support Giancarlo Granda came from.


John MacArthur of Grace Community Church and Pulpit and Pen is fighting with Los Angeles county over his holding church services openly while defying all orders not to do so from the State of California and his local jurisdiction. Los Angeles is fighting back against his super spreader ways by taking away his parking lot. Good for them!

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